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Celebrity Contact Successes Posted by Members
Judi Dench
Sent letter and SASE. Received a photo back Personalized to me.
Dane Cook
Got the pic today
Mamie Van Doren
You need to send your own photos and SASE to get her autograph for fre...
Christopher Meloni
Surprising success after waiting over a year and a half! Super happy!...
Status Quo
Recieved beautiful full colour signed photo, signed by all the members...
Brooke Burns
Sent letter, 9x12 SASE & 8x10. RCVD photo back signed in my SASE. ...
Chris Evans
I sent him a letter and SASE, and 3 years later I received a personali...
Martin Sheen
Awesome success! Mr. Sheen signed & inscribed my photos and wrote ...
Michelle Pfeiffer
Definitely an autopen...disappointed. MP and ME.
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Sent an email and got the usual preprint. :)
Ian McKellen
Sent letter and X3 trading card with SASE and received card signed w/m...
Doris Eaton Travis
Sent LOR & SASE and Ms. Eaton Travis sent me this wonderful signed...
Mary Tyler Moore
Signed Happy Anniversary Christy and Joe, Mary Tyler Moore. Thanks a m...
Ernest Borgnine
I sent letter, 2 photos and sase 1 year ago, this morning received my ...
Jerry Lewis
I sent Mr. Lewis two products that I make and sell online. I sent him...
James Earl Jones
Sent Mr. Jones a letter him how much my fiancé and I have enjoyed his...
Constantine Maroulis
got an awesome personalized 8X10
Joan Fontaine
Sent Ms. Fontaine LOR, SASE, photos & a nice birthday card. Yester...
Dan Jansen
Got both of my cards back signed in blue sharpie. Thanks.
Matt LeBlanc
Standard Preprint
John Madden
Sent only a letter and got back a nice signed and personalized 8x10 ba...
Jacques Villenueve
Pretty quick...received a small signed picture
Tyne Daly
Sent Ms. Daly 1 photo made up as Maria Callas from her new play 'Maste...
Tim Allen
Sent email got a 5X7 photo, preprint but still nice
Alexis Bledel
sent an e-mail and received a colour 5x7 pp
Jim Parsons
Sent Mr. Parsons 3 photos the theatre where he was starring in 'The No...
Ann Blyth
On 3-10-08 Received a lovely Color Picture (seems to be a color copy f...
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Sent a Basketball Card and received it back with autograph. Thank you...
Bobby Flay
i sent him an email asking for an autograph or reply. I got a really c...
Wayne Rooney
Recieved a pre-print card from manchester united but worth ago Not tha...

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