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Celebrity Contact Successes Posted by Members
Charlie Crist
Sent him an email and got back an autpenned picture. :)
Julie Harris
Sent Ms. Harris LOR, SASE & photos. Ms. Harris signed all of my i...
Sofia Milos
She is beautiful! Autographed 8X10 Black and White Photo.
Bonnie Blair
What a score. I sent the two cards and index which she graciously si...
Mare Winningham
received a signed photo signed to me,very happy
Tina Turner
I'm not sure this Tina's autograph. Personally. If anyone is sure, ple...
Alan Alda
Love him on Mash, what a fast reply thanks Mr Alda and ME. Its an 8/10...
Henry Winkler
my brother wrote a letter, nd we got a reply, personalized, says Bradl...
Peyton Manning
I sent Mr. Manning a letter, card and SASE. 12 days later I got my ca...
Judi Dench
I thought my first request had gotten lost, so I sent another before I...
Kate Moss
sent a short email asking for a pic and recieved a pre print postcard ...
Karen Allen
A quick reply and personalized to me. I'm very excited to have this. T...
Esther Williams
sent letter and SASE. Received a signed 8x10 pre-print.
I mailed him a letter ,SASE,and two photos. he sent back both photos s...
Jerry Lewis
I sent a letter,SASE, and 3 photos. He returned all 3 photos back sign...
Lennon Sisters
I had forgot about this one, but I guess they nothing better to do. I ...
The Rock
Got a photo of him and his dog from The Game Plan looks realy but I ca...
Bob Barker
Sent a letter and a SASE to Bob Barker on 7-16-08 and received a perso...
Adrien Brody
I'm soo happy
Rachael Leigh Cook
sent letter ,received signed photo.Wrote in 2002,received same year.Ad...
Jim Belushi
received a very nice color photo personalized to me. Thanks Jim and SA...
Jerry Lewis
I sent a letter and SASE to Mr. Lewis, requesting a personalized photo...
Jennifer Connelly
I sent 3 Photos and I received all them signed.
Jeff Green
Sent a letter, sase, and card. Sent my card back signed. ;)
Bernie Carbo
sent 2 cards received both cards back signed. Thanks Bernie!!!
John Billingsley
Sent req w/sase. Rec'd back a personalized photo, a 2 page note and a ...
Charles Bronson
Personally signed 8x10, black and white photograph! Very nice.
Dick Groat
sent letter requesting for a photo. Also sent 2 index cards. Received ...
Sophie Marceau
sent letter and sase and received a personalized photo.
Sammy Hagar
I sent a photo and SASE. Recieved this picture with a note stating tha...