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Celebrity Contact Successes Posted by Members
Imelda Staunton
Send 2 pictures and get them back signed and personalied to me.
BJ Penn
Received an autographed response.
Lauren Bacall
sent a card received it fairly fast
Joyce Randolph
Sent LOR, SASE & photos. Ms. Randolph signed them all! Thanks TRI...
Lisa Fernandez
I sent Lisa Fernandez a letter, SASE, and 4 photos. Today I received a...
Frances Mcdormand
Sent the photo to the theatre on Broadway. Thank you very much Miss Mc...
Geoffrey Rush
Carl Reiner
sent letter and SASE. Received a 8x10 B&W Pre Print.
Bill Dance
Another old success for mystars. Sent only a letter and got a nice per...
Paula Poundstone
Sent email and received a personalized photo.Great!!!
Richard Kiel
Charges 10 for an autograph, but it was worth it. Fantastic 8x10 signe...
Joan Rivers
Sent 2 photos. Ms. Rivers signed and personalized both! Hey everybody...
Phyllis Diller
I mailed her 2 photos, a letter and a SASE, and today i received my ph...
Leslie Nielsen
Sent nice letter and SASE. Received great personalized color photo. Ve...
Sammy Hagar
2nd success from him. I sent to him again because my pictures were sme...
Lance Burton
sent email; received signed photo and letter
Laura Pausini
Laura Pausini have one very nice voice, she's beautiful and gorgeous!
James Earl Jones
Sent a letter and received an very nice 8x10 personalized to me. Thank...
John Travolta
Sent LOR, SASE & photos. Thank you John for your generosity. You &...
Rhonda Fleming
I wrote a letter, SASE, and I sent her 3 photos..she signed all three ...
Michael Douglas
I guess I just hit it at the right time. Mr. Douglas was very nice to ...
Anna Kournikova
Sent Anna two 8x10's and she signed both of them. Got them back in ex...
Brian Baumgartner
Sent a letter and a SASE asking for a personalized autographed photo f...
Piper Laurie
Sent letter, sase and photos. Received both photos back signed, one p...
Jackie Kallen
received a great 8x10 colour picture, personalized to me. she wrote...
Paige Davis
sent email received a personalized postcard.
Robert Redford
Sent Mr. Redford 3 photos, including one previously signed by Elizabet...
Miriam Pielhau
Sent a LOR, a SAE and 1 IRC
Katie Melua
Quick succes, nice postcard preprint I guess :)
Jay Leno
Received personalized 8x10 photo! Thanks for this address!