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Celebrity Contact Successes Posted by Members
Dick Van Dyke
I am anxiously looking forward to a reply.
Denzel Washington
I recieved this picture and... I think it's autopen. Thank you.
Woody Paige
sent e-mail and received a nice personalized photo in 3 months
Tommy Thayer
Sent a photo and a cd-inlay. Got both back signed today, and one was p...
Don Shula
Sending 3 Pro Set cards for autographing. Received my 3 cards back uns...
Glenn Beck
Today received a color 8X10 photo w/ sig (see scan). (This is a real p...
Meinhardt Raabe
I sent 15.00 for a photo and my item signed from the first attempt. H...
Drew Carey
Gave me an 8x10 color pre-print photo.
Tom Selleck
Sent letter, SASE and picture on 4/5/07 and received the picture signe...
Judge Judy Scheindlin
Quick response! Sent letter SASE & photo. Sent my photo back uns...
Anna Friel
Hi there all at SA, I received another photo of 'Anna Friel' today, sh...
Gordon Ramsay
Nice large photo. Quick response. No bend warning. Very happy.
June Foray
Notes: Not sure about the dates.Please visit my webshots page at: http...
Yuki Shibamoto
Sent a letter, a SAE, a picture, a Q&A and 2 IRC's. Got my picture...
Judi Dench
recieved a personalized 8x10. Thanks money penny, thanks SA.
Justin Bartha
Sent Justin 3 photos to the theatre where he was starring in 'Lend Me ...
Dan Marino
Sent email received b&w pre-print. Still very happy with it.
Ray Parker Jr.
I mailed him a letter,SASE, and 2 photos. He personalized both photos ...
Dustin Hoffman
Sent letter. Received signed black and white 8x10.
Cheech Marin
Got very nice small photo. Pretty sure its a pre-print, But still very...
Phyllis Diller
Mailed Letter and SASE Received this today and it's a great photo. per...
Sam Elliott
sent two photos, SASE, and letter. Rec'd one personalized to me and my...
Kathryn Grayson
Sent her a letter and SASE with two photos, she signed both photos pe...
Jordin Sparks
Sent SASE,Photo and Letter Recieved photo personalized Thanks SA
Julie Harris
sent a letter requesting a photo of her with James Dean in East of Ede...
Steve Carell
Nice photo. Looks like the same one as others are getting.
Bobby Flay
Received a personalized 5X7 picture of Bobby Flay. Thanks Mr. Flay and...
Tim Conway
sent email and received personalized 8x10!
Matthew McConaughey
F. Murray Abraham
Sent Mr. Abraham 3 photos to the Chicago Theatre where he was appearin...

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