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Scan posted by: TheCenter
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Notes: The Center 645 Neptune Blvd. Neptune, New Jersey 07752 May 26, 2011 Dear Ms. Walters: The Center is a partial care facility for people with mental illness with/without substance abuse. The people that attend our facility each day live a difficult life filled with pain and short on caring by others. We, at The Center, try our best to make tomorrow different from today – any way we can. If you could send our “clients” an autographed photo to “My friends at The Center,” it might brighten their day, knowing that you are aware of them and their struggles. We would frame and hang your photo on a special wall created for this purpose. You can send the photo to: Attn: Marc LeVine, Vice President The Center 645 Neptune Blvd. Neptune, NJ 07753 Thank you so much, in advance. Regards, Marc LeVine Vice President The Center

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