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Former German Tennis Player; Won 5 Year-End Championships, 13 Master Series Titles, and an Olympic Gold Medal in Doubles; Coached 'Novak Djokovic' for 3 years; Born 11/22/1967

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Looks Authentic (but not sure)
Scan posted by: essexlady50
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Notes: I sent 2x photo's off in June 2008,of my own, don't know whats happened to them, as I have received this autograph photo of 'Boris Becker' instead of mine?? so where are mine?? I know its the agents fault not 'Mr Boris Beckers', but after waiting a year, I would have thought they could have sent my photos back to me, even if they were unsigned?? still I thank you to 'Mr Boris Becker' for doing this for me, also thanks ME.

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