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Notes: I sent a sympathy card with a long letter telling them how sorry I am for the loss of Ryan and how long I've been a Jackass and CKY fan. I was just getting ready to send Bam my Jackass 3D and 3.5 DVD covers and was going to ask him if he could get Dunn to sign them too and then...welll, you know what happened.. :( I was not expecting anything in return. But then I got something back: a nice letter to me that the whole family signed(April, Phil, Jess and Bam) that is authentic. plus a pre-print from the Viva La Bam days that has Ryan's signature on it. I almost cried when I pulled it out and I don't cry much! Out of all the autographs I have gotten TTM, this one was the best as it was very thoughtful and they didn't have to send me anything in return. I won't send my DVD covers for them to sign it for a while, so they won't have to deal with anything that relates to Ryan. I'm going to keep the letter to myself - hope you don't mind. R.I.P. Ryan. you will always be missed and loved dearly :'(

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