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Celebrity Addresses Starting With A

  A Camp   Pop Band

  A Chorus Line   Musical

  A Christmas Carol   Musical

  A Flock Of Seagulls   Pop Band

  A Martinez   Actor (Santa Barbara), Singer

  A Static Lullaby   Rock Band

  A Thorn for Every Heart   Rock Band

  A Wilhelm Scream   Rock Band

  A&E Network   Television Network

  A'Lelia Bundles   Journalist

  A-ha   Band

  A.C. Milan   Football Club

  A.D. Whitfield   Football Player

  A.J. Alexander   Playboy Playmate (May 2008)

  A.J. Allmendinger   NASCAR Driver

  A.J. Buckley   Actor

  A.J. Carothers   Playwright

  A.J. Cook   Actress (Criminal Minds)

  A.J. Foyt   Racing Driver

  A.J. Foyt IV   Racing Driver

  A.J. Langer   Actress (My So-Called Life)

  A.J. Pierzynski   Baseball Player

  A.J. Tannen   Actor

  A.R. Rahman   Music Director

  Aaron Aedy   Musician (Paradise Lost)

  Aaron Baddeley   Golfer

  Aaron Baker   Baseball Player

  Aaron Bedard   Musician (Bane)

  Aaron Blitzstein   Screenwriter (The Late Show with David Letterman)

  Aaron Boone   Baseball Player

  Aaron Carter   Singer

  Aaron Dalbec   Musician (Bane)

  Aaron Douglas   Actor

  Aaron Eckhart   Actor

  Aaron Glenn   Football Player

  Aaron Hill   Baseball Player

  Aaron Ikeda   Actor (Scrubs)

  Aaron Jackson   Actor (California Dreams)

  Aaron Jeffery   Actor

  Aaron Lewis   Singer, Songwriter, Musician

  Aaron McGruder   Cartoonist, Writer, Producer

  Aaron Michael Lacey   Actor

  Aaron Neville   Singer, Musician

  Aaron Rodgers   Football Player

  Aaron Sorkin   Screenwriter, Playwright, Director, Producer

  Aaron Spelling   Producer

  Aaron Stanford   Actor

  Aaron Taylor-Johnson   Actor (Kick-Ass)

  Aaron Thompson   Baseball Player

  Aaron Tippin   Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

  Aaron Yoo   Actor

  Aasif Mandvi   Actor, Comedian

  Ab McDonald   Hockey Player

  ABBA   Pop Band

  Abbe Lane   Singer, Actress

  Abbey Clancy   Model

  Abbey McBride   Actress

  Abby Dalton   Actress

  Abby Lee Miller   American Dance Instructor, Choreographer, and TV Personality

  ABC   Pop Band

  Abdul Duke Fakir   Singer

  Abdullah the Butcher   Wrestler

  Abe Vigoda   Actor

  Abhijit Pohankar   Musician

  Abhishek Bachchan   Actor

  Abi Titmuss   Actress, Model, Poker Player

  Abigail Breslin   Actress, Singer

  Abigail Johnson   Actress

  Abraham Beame   Politician

  Abrasive Wheels   Punk Rock Band

  AC/DC   Rock Band

  Acceptance   Rock Band

  According to Jim   TV Series

  Ace Cannon   Musician

  Ace Frehley   Musician

  Ace of Base   Pop Band

  Achim Albrecht   Bodybuilder, Wrestler

  Acid King   Metal Band

  Acid Test   Band

  Acoustic Syndicate   Rock Band

  Ada Nicodemou   Actress

  Adam Ant   Singer, Musician

  Adam Arkin   Actor, Director

  Adam Baldwin   Actor

  Adam Beach   Actor

  Adam Bernstein   Director

  Adam Brand   Musician

  Adam Brody   Actor, Musician, Producer

  Adam Curry   Media Personality

  Adam Duritz   Musician, Songwriter, Record Producer

  Adam G. Sevani   Actor, Dancer

  Adam Hann-Byrd   Actor, Screenwriter

  Adam Hendershott   Actor

  Adam Kaufman   Actor

  Adam Lamberg   Actor

  Adam Lambert   Singer, Songwriter, Actor

  Adam LaRoche   Baseball Player

  Adam LaVorgna   Actor

  Adam Levine   Singer, Songwriter, Actor

  Adam Loewen   Baseball Player

  Adam Morrison   Basketball Player

  Adam Pascal   Actor, Singer, Musician

  Adam Pena   Actor

  Adam Raga   Motorcycle Trials Racer

  Adam Rich   Actor

  Adam Rodriguez   Actor, Screenwriter, Director

  Adam Sandler   Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Producer

  Adam Saunders   Actor

  Adam Savage   TV Personality (Myth Busters)

  Adam Sessler   TV Personality, Journalist

  Adam Shankman   Director, Producer, Dancer

  Adam Tuominen   Actor (Power Rangers)

  Adam Valdez   Visual Effects Artist

  Adam Vinatieri   Football Player

  Adam West   Actor

  Adam Woodyatt   Actor

  Adam Wylie   Actor, Singer, Magician

  Adam Young   Musician

  Adamo Ruggiero   Actor

  ADC Band   Band

  Adele   Singer, Songwriter

  Adele Faber   Author

  Adele Silva   Actress

  Adele Stephens   Adult Film Star

  Adeline Blondieau   Actress

  Aden Gillett   Actor

  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje   Actor, Model

  Admiral Elmo Zumwalt   US Navy Officer

  Admiral James Stockdale   US Navy Officer

  Admiral Richard H. Truly   US Navy Officer, NASA Astronaut

  Adrian Belew   Musician, Songwriter, Record Producer

  Adrian Booth   Actress

  Adrian Conan Doyle   Racing Driver, Explorer, Writer

  Adrian Dantley   Basketball Player

  Adrian Edmondson   Actor, Comedian, Musician

  Adrian Fernandez   Racing Driver

  Adrian Gonzalez   Baseball Player

  Adrian Grenier   Actor, Producer, Director, Musician

  Adrian Lyne   Director, Producer, Writer

  Adrian Pasdar   Actor

  Adrian Paul   Actor

  Adrian Peterson   Football Player

  Adrian Quaife-Hobbs   Racing Driver

  Adrian Rayment   Actor

  Adriana Lima   Model, Actress

  Adrianne Curry   Model, TV Personality

  Adrianne Palicki   Actress

  Adriano Celentano   Singer, Musician, Record Producer

  Adrien Brody   Actor, Producer

  Adrienne Bailon   Actress, Singer, TV Personality

  Adrienne Barbeau   Actress, Singer, Author

  Adrienne Corri   Actress

  Adrienne Frantz   Actress, Singer, Songwriter

  Aeone   Musician, Songwriter

  Aerosmith   Rock Band

  Afa Anoaʻi   Wrestler

  Afeni Shakur   Activist, Businesswoman, Tupac's Mother

  Afrika Bambaataa   Disc Jockey, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

  Afroman   Rapper, Musician

  Afshan Azad   Actress, Model

  Against Me   Punk Rock Band

  Agalloch   Metal Band

  Aghora   Metal Band

  Agnes Bruckner   Actress, Producer

  Agnetha Faltskog   Singer

  Agyness Deyn   Model, Actress

  Ahmad Rashad   Football Player, Sportscaster

  Ahman Green   Football Player

  Ahmed Best   Actor, Musician

  Ahmed Helmy   Comedian, Actor

  Ahna Capri   Actress

  Aida Turturro   Actress

  Aida Yespica   Model, TV Personality, Actress

  Aidan Gillen   Actor

  Aidan Quinn   Actor

  Aidan Turner   Actor

  Aika   Japanese Singer, Songwriter

  Aileen Quinn   Actress (Annie), Singer, Dancer

  Ailsa Berk   Actress, Dancer

  Aimee Castle   Actress

  Aimee Mann   Singer, Songwriter

  Aimee Mullins   Athlete, Actress, Model

  Aimee Osbourne   Actress, Singer, Musician

  Aimee Sweet   Adult Film Star

  Aimee Teegarden   Actress (Friday Night Lights), Model, Producer

  Ainsley Harriott   Chef, TV Personality

  Air Supply   Rock Duo

  Airbourne   Hard Rock Band

  Aisha Tyler   Actress, Comedian, Talk Show Host

  Aishwarya Rai   Indian Actress, Model, Miss World 1994

  Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace   TV Personality (Big Brother), Model

  Aitana Sanchez-Gijon   Actress

  Aja   Rapper, Drag Performer

  Ajay Devgn   Indian Actor, Director, Producer

  Ajay Naidu   Actor

  Akira Kurosawa   Japanese Director, Screenwriter

  Akiva Goldsman   American Film and Television Writer, Director, and Producer;...

  Akon   American Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Entrepreneur, ...

  Akron RubberDucks   Minor League Baseball Team; Based in Akron, Ohio; Formerly K...

  Akshay Kumar   Indian-Canadian Actor, Producer, TV Personality, Stuntman; S...

  Al Alberts   American Singer and Composer; Born 8/10/1922

  Al Beeno   Reggae Dancehall Deejay Musician; Also Known as Prince Yello...

  Al Bumbry  

  Al Cervi   Former Basketaball Player

  Al Corley  

  Al Del Greco   NFL Place Kicker

  Al Downing   Retired MLB Baseball Player

  Al Franken  

  Al Geiberger  

  Al Gore   The Forty-Fifth Vice President of the United States

  Al Green  

  Al Hrabosky  

  Al Jardine   Singer, Songwriter, 'The Beach Boys'

  Al Jarreau  

  Al Johnson  

  Al Kaline   Former MLB baseball player and Hall of Famer

  Al LaMacchia  

  Al Lewis  

  Al Lopez  

  Al Martino   Italian-American Singer and Actor

  Al McQuire  

  Al Michaels   Sports Announcer

  Al Molinaro   Actor

  Al Murray   Actor, Comedian

  Al Oeter  

  Al Oliver   Former MLB Baseball Player, 'Pittsburgh Pirates'

  Al Pacino   Actor

  Al Pedrique   Former Baseball Player

  Al Roker   Weatherman

  Al Sapienza   Actor: Saw V

  Al Snow  

  Al Spangler   Houston Colt 45's MLB OF

  Al Stewart  

  Al Toon   Retired NFL player

  Al Unser Sr.   race car driver

  Al Vicente   Actor

  al weis   1969 NY Mets infielder

  Al Worthington   Ny Giants,, Minnesota Twins MLB pitcher

  Alabama   Band

  Alain Delon   Actor

  Alaina Whitaker   American Idol contestant 2008

  Alan Ackles   Actor: Prison Break

  Alan Alda   Actor, 'M*A*S*H'

  Alan Arkin   Actor

  Alan Ashby   Former Baseball Player

  Alan Autry   Football Player

  Alan Ball   Screenwriter

  Alan Bates  

  Alan Beam  

  Alan Bean  

  Alan Bergman  

  Alan Brick  

  Alan Campbell  

  Alan Carr   Stand Up Comedian

  Alan Colmes   Co-Host of Hannity and Colmes

  Alan Cumming   Actor

  Alan Curtis   Actor: Doctor Who (The War Machines)

  Alan Dale   Actor: Ugly Betty, LOST

  Alan Davies   Actor

  Alan Dershowitz  

  Alan Dobie  

  Alan Faneca   Footballer

  Alan Greenspan   Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve (USA)

  Alan Heeger   Nobel Prize - Chemistry (2000)

  Alan Howard   Voice for The One Ring in 'Lord of the Rings'

  Alan Jackson   Country Singer

  Alan King  

  Alan Mandel  

  Alan Menken  

  Alan Moore   Comic Book Writer

  Alan Page  

  Alan Parsons   Musician

  Alan Rachins   American Actor; Best Known for Playing Douglas Brackman in '...

  Alan Rickman   Actor

  Alan Ritchson   Singer, Actor

  Alan Rosenberg  

  Alan Ruck  

  Alan Ruscoe   Various characters in Star Wars I-III Various in Doctor Who

  Alan Scarfe  

  Alan Shearer   Former Soccer Player

  Alan Shepard  

  Alan Smith   Pro Soccer Player

  Alan Sues  

  Alan Sugar   British Entrepreneur

  Alan Thicke  

  Alan Titchmarsh   British television presenter, 'Ground Force'

  Alan Trammel   Former Baseball Player

  Alan Tudyk   Actor

  Alan Veingrad   Football player

  Alan W. Parker  

  Alan White   Musician

  Alan Young  

  Alana Blahoski   Olympic Hockey Player

  Alana De La Garza   Actress

  Alanis Morisette  

  Alanis Morissette   singer

  Alanna Ubach   Actress - Legally Blond, Blue Moon


  Albert Belle  

  Albert Brooks  

  Albert Fert   2007 Nobel Prize Winner In Physics

  Albert Finney   Actor, 'Erin Brockovich'

  Albert Hall   Actor: Ali, Get On The Bus

  Albert Hamilton Gordon   Chairman of Trollope Society, Businessman

  Albert Haynesworth   Football Player for the Tennessee Titans of the NFL

  Albert Hofmann   Swiss chemist who was the first to synthesize the drug LSD

  Albert Moses   Actor, 007 Octopussy, Carry On Emmannuelle

  Albert Pujols   Professional Baseball Player

  Alberta Watson   Actress

  Alberto Contador   Professional Cyclist, Tour de France

  Albuquerque Isotopes   Minor league baseball team

  Aldo Andretti   Twin brother of Mario Andretti

  Aldo Colombini  

  Alec Baldwin   Actor

  Alec Mazo   Professional Ballroom Dancer

  Alec Roberts   Actor: Thir13en Ghosts

  Aleisha Allen   Actress

  Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu   Director/Producer, 'Babel'

  Aleksia Landeau   Actress

  Alena Seredova   Model

  Alesha Dixon   Singer

  Alessandra Ambrosio   Brazilian supermodel

  Alex Angarita   Survivor Contestant

  Alex Black   actor

  Alex Borstein   Actor: Family Guy

  Alex Caan   actor

  Alex Carter   Actor: Out of Time

  Alex Charak   Elwood on As The World Turns

  Alex Cord  

  Alex D Linz   actor

  Alex Delvecchio   Former Ice Hockey Player

  Alex Desert   Actor: TV 101, Becker, Boy Meets World

  Alex Drier  

  Alex English   Former NBA Basketball Player

  Alex Etel   Actor - The Water Horse

  Alex Evans   Photographer

  Alex Ferrer   TV Judge

  Alex Hyde-White  

  Alex Karras  

  Alex Kingston  

  Alex Lifeson   Musician

  Alex Linz  

  alex mcarthur   Actor - Desperado

  Alex Meneses   Actress, Model

  Alex Meraz   Actor

  Alex Norman   Captain profiled on Steven Seagal Lawman

  Alex O'Loughlin   Actor: Moonlight

  Alex Ovechkin   Pro Hockey Player

  Alex Pettyfer   Actor

  Alex Proyas   Film Director: The Crow, Dark City, I Robot

  Alex Rocco  

  Alex Rodriguez   Former American Shortstop/Third Baseman Baseball Player, Nic...

  Alex Rodriquez   MLB Player

  Alex Smith   NFL Football Player, 'Tampa Bay Buccaneers'

  Alex Smith   NFL Football Player, Quaterback for the San Francisco 49ers

  Alex Stepanovich   Footballer

  Alex Trebek   Canadian-American TV Personality; Host of 'Jeopardy!'; Born ...

  Alex Turner   The Arctic Monkeys

  Alex Van Halen   Drummer

  Alex Winter   Actor, 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'

  Alex Wolff   Musician

  Alex Wotherspoon   Model

  Alexa Chung   British TV presenter and former fashion model

  Alexa Davalos   Actress

  Alexa Melo   America's Most Talented Kid Winner

  Alexa Nikolas   Actress, 'Hidden Hills', 'Zoey 101'

  Alexa Vega  

  Alexander Armstrong   Actor

  Alexander Artemev   Olympic Gymnast, "Sasha"

  alexander burke   X Factor Winner 2008

  Alexander Gould  

  Alexander Grimm   German Whitewater Kayaker

  Alexander James McLean   Member of The Backstreet Boys

  Alexander Klaws   German pop singer: Winner of Deutschland sucht den Superstar...

  Alexander Ludwig   Actor: Race to Witch Mountain

  Alexander Siddig   Actor, Star Trek: Deep Space 9

  Alexander Wolff   Sports Author

  Alexandra Bastedo   Actress

  Alexandra Breckenridge   Actress

  Alexandra Burke   British and winner of the UK television talent show The X Fa...

  Alexandra Guarnaschelli   Chef

  Alexandra Maria Lara   Romanian Actress

  Alexandra Meissnitzer   Former Alpine Skier From Austrian

  Alexandra Paul  

  Alexandra Silk   Porn, Model

  Alexandra Stan   Singer, Songwriter

  Alexandra Tydings   Actress: The Sunchaser

  Alexandra Wentworth   Actress: Office Space

  Alexei Yashin   Hockey Player

  Alexi Casilla   Pro MLB Baseball Player

  Alexia Havens   Actress, 'All My Children'

  Alexis   singer

  Alexis Bledel   Gilmore Girls

  Alexis Cruz  

  Alexis Denisof   Actor: Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  Alexis DeVell  

  Alexis Dziena   Actress

  Alexis Texas   Adult Film Star

  Alexz Johnson   Actress


  Alfonso Cuaron   Director

  Alfonso Gomez   Boxer: season 1 of The Contender

  Alfonso Ribeiro   actor

  Alfonso Soriano   MLB Baseball Player

  Alfre Woodard  

  Alfred 'Al' Gross  

  Alfred 'Alfie' Enoch   Actor, Dean Thomas in 'Harry Potter'

  Alfred Burke   Actor: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  Alfred Kosma   Actor

  Alfred Molina   Actor

  Alfred Williams   American Football player

  Alfreda Love   Education Speaker

  Alfredo Villa   Actor

  Alge Crumpler   Pro Football Player

  Ali Hillis  

  Ali Landry   Model, Actress

  Ali Larter   Actress

  Ali MacGraw   Actress

  Alia Shawkat   Actress: Arrested Development, Deck The Halls

  Aliana Lohan   Actress

  Alice Braga   Actress: I am Legend

  Alice Cooper   Rock Singer

  alice drummond   ace ventura

  Alice Faye  

  Alice Ghostley  

  Alice Hirson   Actress

  Alice in Chains  

  Alice Krige   Actress

  Alice Smith   Singer

  Alicia Coppola   Actress

  Alicia Keys   Singer

  Alicia Leigh Willis   Actress, 'General Hospital' TV show

  Alicia Marie Sacramone   Artistic Gymnastics

  Alicia Minshew   Actress: All My Children

  Alicia Molik   Tennis Player

  Alicia Rio  

  Alicia Scebba   Actress

  Alicia Silverstone   American Actress; Starred in 'The Crush', 'Clueless', and 'B...

  alicia Webb   Wrestling diva

  Alicia Witt   Actress

  Alimi Ballard   Actor: Numb3rs, Sabrina the Teenage Witch

  Aline Domingos   Model


  Alison Armitage  

  Alison Arngrim   Actress

  Alison King   British Actress, 'Coronation Street'

  Alison Krauss   Country Music Singer

  Alison La Placa  

  Alison LaPlaca  

  Alison Lohman   Actress

  Alison Lurie  

  Alison Sudol   Singer, Songwriter, Actress

  Alison Sudol   Singer: A Fine Frenzy

  Alison Sweeney   Actress

  Alissa Czisny   Figure Skater

  Alistair Appleton   Actor: Cash In The Attic

  Alistair Cooke  

  Alistair McGowan   Comedian, Actor

  Alitzah Weiner   Actress: General Hospital

  Alix Henriol   Internet Star

  Alizee   singer

  Alkaline Trio   Music Group

  All   Punk Rock Band

  All 4 One  

  All Saints  

  Alla Pugacheva   Russian Singer

  Allan Arbus   MASH

  allan arkush   parenthood

  Allan Havey   Actor

  Allan Melvin   Actor

  Allan Thicke  

  Allen Covert   Actor, Grandma's Boy

  Allen Cunningham   Pro Poker Player

  Allen Drury  

  Allen Iverson   NBA Basketball Player

  Allen Lee Haff   Actor

  Allen Payne   Actor

  Allen Toussaint   Singer, Songwriter, Pianist

  Allen Watson   Former Pro Baseball Player

  Alley Baggett   Playboy Playmate

  Alley Cats, The  

  Alley Mills  

  Allie DiMeco   Actress, 'The Naked Brothers Band'

  Allie Gorenc   Actress: As The World Turns

  Allison Baver   US Speedskater

  Allison Elliott  

  Allison Janney  

  Allison Lange  

  Allison Mack   Actress

  Allison McCurdy   Model/Actress

  Allison Munn   Actress: What I Like About You

  Allison Scagliotti   Actress

  Allison Smith  

  Allisyn Ashley Arm   Actress on Disney Channel

  Ally McCoist   Scottish football player, Scotland Football Hall of Famer

  Ally Sheedy   Actress

  Ally Walker  

  Allyce Beasley  

  Aloma Wright   Actress

  Alona Tal   Actress

  alondra gonzalez   la weriita

  Alphaville Moonbase   Singers, 'Forever Young'

  Alphonso Carreker   Former Greenbay Packers Defensive End Football Player

  Alphy Hoffman  

  Altar Boyz Cast   Show group

  Alter Bridge   Alternative Metal Band

  Alton Brown   Celebrity Chef

  Altoona Curve   AA baseball team

  Alun Armstrong  

  Alvin Davis  

  alvin harper   football - dallas cowboys

  Alvin Lee   Guitarist/ Singer

  Alvin Stardust   Glam rock singer from the 70s

  Alvy Moore  

  Aly & Aj   Singers

  Alyson Dudek   US Speedskater

  Alyson Hannigan   Actress

  Alyson Kiperman   Actress: Power Rangers

  Alyson Michalka   actress

  Alyson Stoner   Actress

  Alyssa Alps  

  Alyssa Campanella   Miss New Jersey Teen 2007

  Alyssa Milano   American Actress, Producer, Activist, and Former Singer; Kno...

  Alyssa Raghu   Singer, American Idol

  Amanda Aardsma   Actress

  Amanda Abbington   Actress

  Amanda Addams  

  Amanda Baker   Actress

  Amanda Barrie   Actress

  Amanda Beard   Olympic Swimmer

  Amanda Bearse   Marcy-Married With Children

  Amanda Borden   Olympic Gymnast

  Amanda Burton   British Actress


  Amanda Bynes   Actress, 'She's the Man'

  Amanda Crew   Actress: She's the Man

  Amanda Detmer   Actress

  Amanda Donohoe  

  Amanda Foreman   Actress

  Amanda Freed   Olympic Softball Player

  Amanda Holden   Actress, 'The Grimleys', 'Celeb', 'Smack the Pony'

  Amanda Michalka   Singer, Actress, 'Cow Belles'

  Amanda Palmer   Singer/ Pianist: The Dresden Dolls

  Amanda Pays  

  Amanda Peet   Actress

  Amanda Plummer  

  Amanda Rawnsley   British Actress

  Amanda Redman   Actress, 'New Tricks'

  Amanda Righetti   Actress

  Amanda Seyfried   Actress, 'Mean Girls', 'Big Love'

  Amanda Stepto   Degrassi

  Amanda Tapping   Actress: Stargate Atlantis

  Amanda Wyss  

  Amare Stoudemire   Actor

  Amaury Nolasco   Actor, Prisonbreak

  Amber Benson   Actress

  Amber Campisi   Model: Playboy's Playmate of the Month for February 2005

  Amber Heard   Actress

  Amber Lancaster   Model On The Price is Right

  Amber Lynn  


  Amber Pacific   Pop Punk Band

  Amber Rose Tamblyn   Actress

  Amber Smith  

  Amber Stevens   Actress

  Amber Tamblyn   Acrtess

  Amber Valletta   Hitch, Gamer, Transporter 2

  Ambulance LTD   Indie Rock Band

  Ambyr Childers   Actress, 'All My Children'

  Amee Jean McClure   Actress

  Amelia Bullmore   British Actress


  America Ferrera   Actress, Ugly Betty

  America Olivo   Actress - Friday the 13th

  American Bang   Rock Band

  American Hi-Fi   Punk Band

  American Idol   TV reality show

  American Loggers Cast   TV show American Loggers

  american pickers   American Pickers on The HISTORY CHANNEL

  Americo Rigoldi   Keyboardist for band Dominici

  Amerie MiMarie Rogers   R&B Singer

  Ami Dolenz  

  Ami James   'Miami Ink' Owner


  Amir Khan   Boxer

  Amir Talai   Actor: Adventured Homeschooling

  Amitabh Bachchan   Indian Actor

  Aml Ameen   Actor, Plays Lewis Hardy in 'The Bill'


  Amrita Arora   Bollywood Actress

  Amy Acker   Actress

  Amy Acuff   Olympic High-Jumper, Playboy Playmate

  Amy Adams   Actress

  Amy Allen   Actress: Star Wars

  Amy Brenneman  

  Amy Bruckner   Actress

  Amy Carlson   Actress: Another World

  Amy Carter  

  Amy Chow  

  Amy Davidson   Actress

  Amy Dumas   WWF Wrestling Babe, aka 'Lita'

  Amy Fisher  

  Amy Grant   Singer

  Amy Heckerling   Director: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

  Amy Irving   Actress

  Amy Jo Johnson  

  Amy Laughlin   Actress

  Amy Lee   Singer, 'Evanescence'

  Amy Lyndon  

  Amy Lynn  

  Amy Macdonald   singer

  Amy Madigan  

  Amy Pietz  

  Amy Poehler   Comedian, Actress, 'SNL', 'Blades of Glory'

  Amy Robbins   British Actress

  Amy Ryan   Actress

  Amy Sedaris   Actress, Author, Comedian

  Amy Smart   Actress

  Amy Sobol   Actress

  Amy Steel   Actress: Friday the 13th Part 2

  Amy Tan  

  Amy Van Dyken  

  Amy Weber  

  Amy Winehouse   British Musician

  Amy Yasbeck   actress

  Ana Alicia  

  Ana Beatriz Barros   Model

  Ana Cristina De Oliveira   Actress

  Ana Farris   Actress: Scary Movie

  Ana Gasteyer  

  Ana Ivanovic   Tennis Player

  Ana Ortiz   Actress: Ugly Betty

  Anastacia   Singer

  Anastasia Horne  

  Anastasia Myskina   Tennis Player

  anastasia phillips   Actress: Christie's Revenge

  Anathema   Band

  Anberlin   Band

  Andee Frizzell   Actress: Stargate Atlantis

  Anderson Cooper   CNN Anchor

  Anderson Silva   UFC Fighter

  Andie MacDowell  

  Andre 3000   Hip Hop Artist - Outkast

  Andre Agassi   Professional Tennis Player

  Andre Braugher  

  Andre Dawson   Former Baseball Player

  Andre Ethier   Dodgers right Fielder

  Andre Reed   Retired NFL player

  Andre Ribiero  

  Andre Rieu   Musician

  Andre Wadsworth   Pro Football Player

  Andrea Barber   Actress

  Andrea Bettinelli   Italian High Jumper

  Andrea Bocelli   Italian singer (tenor), music producer

  Andrea Bowen   Actress

  Andrea Dovizioso   Italian Motorcycle Road Racer

  Andrea Elson  

  Andrea Evans  

  Andrea Ferrell   Actress

  andrea fujii   News reporter

  Andrea King  

  Andrea Lewis   Degrassi:TNG

  Andrea Marcovicci  

  Andrea Montermini  

  Andrea Morris   Actress: Margaret's Museum

  Andrea Parker   Actress, 'The Pretender'

  Andrea Roth   Actress: Rescue Me

  Andrea Stephens   Author: Andrea Stephens Ministries

  Andrea Thompson  

  Andreas Deja  

  Andreas Katsulas  

  Andreas Vollenweider   Swiss Musician

  Andrei Kirilenko   NBA Player

  Andrew M Greeley   AUTHOR

  Andrew Bryniarski   Bodybuilder, Actor, Played Leatherface in 'The Texas Chainsa...

  Andrew Buchan   Actor

  Andrew Castle   TV Presenter

  Andrew Daly   Actor/ Writer/ Comedian

  Andrew Davis  

  Andrew Dice Clay  

  Andrew Divoff  

  Andrew Flintoff   Cricket Player who plays for Lancashire and England

  Andrew Friedman   Actor: Live Free or Die Hard

  Andrew Jackson Whittaker   Winner of the largest Powerball jackpot ever, $315 million

  Andrew Johnston   Actor

  Andrew Keegan   Actor

  Andrew Lawrence   Brotherly Love

  Andrew Lincoln   British Actor, 'Afterlife', 'Love Actually'

  Andrew Lloyd Webber   Composer

  Andrew McCarthy  

  Andrew McLaglen  

  Andrew Michaelson   Actor

  Andrew Prine   Actor

  Andrew Robinson   Actor, Garek on 'Star Trek Deep Space Nine'

  Andrew Sachs   Actor

  Andrew Shue  

  Andrew Strauss   English Cricketer

  Andrew W.K.   Rock Musician

  Andrew Walker   Actor: Steel Toes, Abducted

  Andrew Wyeth   Regionalist Artist

  Andrew Zimmern   Host of a Weekly Travel and Food program: Bizarre Foods with...

  Andy Abraham   The X Factor

  Andy Bathgate   Hockey Hall of Famer

  Andy Biersack   singer for Black Veil Brides

  Andy Camacho  

  Andy Dick   Comedian, Actor, Voice Artist, Musician,and Producer

  Andy Garcia  

  Andy Granatelli  

  Andy Griffith   The Andy Griffith Show

  Andy Griggs   Country Singer

  Andy Hallett   actor

  Andy Lau   actor/singer

  Andy Milonakis   'The Andy Milonakis Show'

  Andy Murray   Pro Tennis Player

  Andy North   Former PGA Golfer, Analyst, Major Champion

  Andy Pafko   Former Baseball Player

  Andy Pettitte   Baseball Player

  Andy Richter   Actor, Comedian

  Andy Robinson  

  Andy Robustelli  

  Andy Roddick   Pro tennis player

  Andy Rooney   Radio, Television Writer

  Andy Samberg   Actor: SNL, Hot Rod

  Andy Serkis   Actor, Gollum in 'Lord of the Rings'

  Andy Summers   Jazz Musician, Former member of The Police

  Andy Taylor   Former Member of Duran Duran

  Andy Wachowski   Producer/ Director

  Andy Williams  

  Ang Lee   Director

  Angel Kelly   Former Pornographic Actress

  Angel Tompkins  

  Angela basset   Rosa Parks story

  Angela Bassett   American Actress; Starred in 'What's Love Got to Do with It'...

  Angela Bettis  

  Angela Cartwright   Actress

  angela dotchin   Actress

  Angela Douglas   British Actress, 'Carry On' films

  Angela Faith  

  Angela Gheorghiu   Soprano Singer

  Angela Kinsey   actor, The Office

  Angela Lansbury   Actress

  Angela Lindvall   Actress: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

  Angela Little   Playboy Playmate

  Angela Oberer   Actress

  Angela Rawna   Actress, 'A Scanner Darkly'

  Angela Rippon   TV Presenter

  Angela Summers  

  Angela Taylor   Model

  Angela Thomas   Author

  Angela Thorne   Actress

  Angela Visser   Miss Universe 1991, Actress

  Angela Watson  

  Angelica Bridges  

  Angelica Huston   Actress, Director

  Angelica Mandy   Actress: Harry Potter

  Angelina Jolie   American Actress, Filmmaker, and Humanitarian; One of Hollyw...

  Angeline Ball   Actress

  Angell Conwell  

  Angelo Badalamenti  

  Angelo Bertelli  

  Angelo Dundee  

  Anggun   French singer of Indonesian descent

  Angie Akers   Beach Volleyball Player

  Angie Dickinson   actress

  Angie Everhart  

  Angie Harmon   American Actress and Former Model; Known for Playing Abbie C...

  Angie Stone  

  Angus Barnett   Actor: Pirates of the Caribbean

  Angus King  

  Angus Macfadyen   Actor

  Angus Scrimm   actor

  Angus T. Jones   Actor: Two And A Half Men

  Angus Young   Member of 'AC/DC'

  Ani DiFranco   Singer

  Anita Baker   legendary singer/songwriter

  Anita Barone   Actress: The War at Home

  Anita Ekberg  

  Anita Gillette   Actress

  Anita Marks   Football Player, Radio Host, Playboy Playmate

  Anita Page   Actress

  Anita Pointer  

  Anja Parson   Olympic Skier

  Anjelica Huston   Actress, 'The Addams Family'

  Anjli Mohindra   Actress

  Ann B. Davis  

  Ann Beatriz   RACE CAR DRIVER

  Ann Blyth   Oscar-Nominated American Actress and Singer

  Ann Corio  

  Ann Coulter   Author, Pundit, frequent cable TV guest commentator

  Ann Cusack   Actress

  Ann Doran  

  Ann Dusenberry  

  Ann Guilbert   Actress

  Ann Harada   Broadway Actress

  Ann Jillian  

  Ann Lenard  

  Ann Magnuson  

  Ann Margret   Actress

  Ann Marie Crouch   Actress, 'Power Rangers: Wild Force'

  Ann Meyers-Drysdale   Olympic Basketball Player

  Ann Miller  

  Ann Reinking   Choreographer, Actress, Annie, All That Jazz

  Ann Rule   Author

  Ann Rutherford   Actress

  Ann Ryerson   Actress - Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI

  Ann S. Moore  

  Ann Savage  

  Ann Sothern  

  Ann Turkel  

  Ann Turner Cook  

  Ann Wedgeworth  

  Ann Widdecombe   British Politician, Actress: Doctor Who

  Anna Amore  

  Anna Belknap   Actress

  Anna Carin Olofsson   Olympic Biathlon Gold Medalist

  Anna Chakvetadze   Pro Tennis Player

  Anna Chancellor   British Actress

  Anna Chlumsky  

  Anna Crilly   Actress, Sorry I've Got No Head, Comedian, Billie Elliot, Ja...

  Anna Ellison   Actress: Ace of Cakes, Pastry Artist

  Anna Faris   American Actress, Podcaster, and Author; Known for Playing C...

  Anna Friel   Actress

  Anna Kendrick   Actress

  Anna Kournikova   Former Russian Tennis Player; Achieved Great Success Playing...

  Anna Lee  

  Anna Malle   Adult video actress

  Anna Nalick   Singer/ Songwriter

  Anna Nicole Smith   Actress

  Anna Paquin   Actress

  Anna Popplewell   Actress

  Anna Ryder-Richardson   British interior designer and TV presenter

  Anna Strasberg  

  Anna Thomson   Actress

  Anna Torv   Actress

  Anna Wing   British Actress: Eastenders

  Anna-Marie Goddard   Model, Playboy Playmate

  Annabel Croft   Tennis Player

  Annabel Faber   Actress

  Annabella Sciorra   Actress

  Annabeth Gish   Actress

  Annalynne Mccord   Actress

  AnnaSophia Robb   Actress

  Anne Archer   Actress

  Anne Bancroft   actress

  Anne Bishop   Fantasy Author of the Black Jewels Trilogy

  Anne Deyotte-Surkowski   AAGPBL HOF Women's Pro Baseball

  Anne Dudek   Actress: White Chicks

  Anne Francis   Actress

  Anne Geddes   Professional photographer, Author

  Anne Geddes   Talent Agent of Hollywood and Chicago

  Anne Hathaway   American Actress; Starred in 'The Princess Diaries', 'The De...

  Anne Heche   Actress

  Anne Helm  

  Anne Heywood  

  Anne Jackson  

  Anne Jeffreys   Actress: General Hospital

  Anne Lockhart  

  Anne Marie Howard   Actress

  Anne Meara  

  Anne Murray   Singer

  Anne Parillaud   Actress

  Anne Perry  

  Anne Ramsey  

  Anne Reid   British Actress

  Anne Rice   Author

  Anne Robinson   TV Presenter, Game Show Hostess of 'The Weakest Link'

  Anne Tremko   Actress

  anne woods   cell block sisters

  Anne-Marie Johnson   Actress

  Anne-Marie Martin   Actress

  Anneka Rice   British TV presenter

  Anneke Wills  

  Anneliese van der Pol   Actress

  Annette Bening   Actress, 'American Beauty'

  Annette Crosbie   Actress: One Foot In The Grave

  Annette Funicello   Actress: Beach Blanket Bingo

  Annette Haven  

  Annette O'Toole   Actress

  Anni Friesinger   Olympic Speed Skater

  Anni-Frid Lyngstad   Member of 'ABBA'

  Annie Campbell   Actress: Veronica Mars

  Annie Ducaux  

  Annie Duke   poker player

  Annie Leibovitz   Photographer

  Annie Lennox   Singer: Eurythmics

  Annie O'Donnell  

  Annie Parisse   Actress

  Annie Potts   Actress

  Annie Proulx   Author

  annie wood   cell block sisters

  Annika Sorenstam   LPGA Golfer

  Anouk Aimee   La Dolce Vita

  Anoushka Shankar   Sitar Player and Composer

  Ansley Hord   Model: Runway, Print

  Anson Mount   Actor

  Anson Williams   American Actor, Singer, and Director; Best Known for Playing...


  Ant & Dec   TV Presenters

  Antawn Jamison   Basketball Player

  Anthony Abbatiello  

  Anthony Ainley  

  Anthony Anderson   Actor

  Anthony Andrews   Actor

  Anthony Becht   Footballer

  Anthony Billings   acting

  Anthony Bourdain   Host of the Travel Channel's culinary and cultural adventure...

  Anthony Calf   Actor

  Anthony Carter   Retired NFL player

  Anthony Caruso  

  Anthony Clark  

  Anthony D. Call   Actor - Star Trek

  Anthony Daniels   Actor

  Anthony Denison  

  Anthony Dexter  

  Anthony Dilweg   Former Green Bay Packers QB

  Anthony Edwards   Actor, 'ER'

  Anthony Field   The Wiggles

  Anthony Geary   Actor: General Hospital

  anthony head   coffee commericals and tv show BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER

  Anthony Heald  

  Anthony Hopkins   Actor

  Anthony Horowitz   Author

  Anthony Kiedis   Musician, Co-founder of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

  Anthony LaPaglia   Actor

  Anthony Lobello   US Speedskater

  Anthony McFarland   Defensive Tackle for the Indianapolis Colts

  Anthony Michael Hall   Actor

  Anthony Minghella  

  Anthony Montgomery   Actor: Star Trek

  Anthony Munoz   Retired NFL player

  Anthony Pena  

  Anthony Piers  

  Anthony Quinn  

  Anthony Rapp   Actor, 'RENT'

  Anthony Ruivivar   Actor: Third Watch

  Anthony Scalia  

  Anthony Simcoe   actor

  Anthony Smee   Actor: "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi"

  Anthony Starke  

  Anthony Stewart Head   actor

  Anthony Tyler Quinn   Actor

  Anthony Zerbe  

  Anthrax   Metal Band

  Anti Flag   Punk Band

  Antoine Fuqua   Director: King Arthur

  Antoinette Bower  

  Anton Figg  

  Anton Yelchin   Actor

  Antonella Barba   American Idol


  Antoni Corone   Actor: Oz, We Own The Night, Bad Boys 2

  Antonia Dorian  

  Antonia Hartley   Actress

  Antonin Scalia   Jurist

  Antonio Armstrong   Former Linebacker

  antonio bancells pujadas   disney

  Antonio Banderas   Actor

  Antonio Bryant   Football Wide Receiver

  Antonio Fargas   Actor, 'Starsky & Hutch'

  Antonio Inoki   Professional wrestler

  Antonio Sabato Jr.   Actor

  Antonio Tarver   Pro Boxer

  Antony Alda  

  Antwan Odom   Footballer

  Antwon Tanner   Actor: One Tree Hill

  Anya Marina   Singer, Songwriter, Radio DJ

  Anze Kopitar   Hockey Player

  Apollonia Kotero   Singer, Actress

  Apolo Anton Ohno   Olympic Speed Skater

  April and Nino Stevens   Song deep purple

  April Betts   Actress, The Witch's Sabbath

  April Bowlby   Actress, 'Two and a Half Men'

  April Glaser   Sports Cheerleader

  April Hunter   Wrestler, Playboy Playmate & Fitness Model

  April Lee Hernandez   Comedian / Actress

  April Matson   Actress

  April Nelson  

  April Scott   Actress

  April Summers   Adult Film Star

  April Wine  

  Ara Celi   Actress, Real Name: Araceli Valdez

  Ara Parseghian  

  Arantxa Sanchez Vicario   Tennis Player

  Archibald Cox  

  Archie Bell  

  Archie Cianfrocco   Former Baseball Player

  Archie Griffin   Football Player, two-time Heisman Trophy winner

  Archie Kao   Actor: CSI

  Archie Manning  

  Aree Davis   Actress

  Arell Blanton  

  Aretha Franklin   Singer

  Ari Graynor   Actress: Mystic River, Book Of Love

  Ari Meyers  

  Aria Giovanni   Adult Film Star


  Ariana Grande   Singer, Songwriter, Actress

  Ariana Richards  

  Arianny Celest   UFC Fighter

  arianny Celeste   Octagon UFC

  Arica Logan   Officer profiled on Police Women of Memphis


  Arie Verveen   Actor: Sin City

  Ariel   Singer

  Arielle Kebbel   Actress

  Ariji Bareikis  

  Aris Alvarado   Actor, Writer

  Arizona Cardinals   Professional Baseball Team

  Arizona Diamondbacks   Professional Baseball Team

  Arkansas Travelers   AA baseball team

  Arleen Sorkin   Actress, 'Days of Our Lives'

  Arlene Dahl  

  Arlene Golonka  

  Arlene Klasky  

  Arlene Martell   Star Trek original series

  Arliss Howard  

  Arlo Guthrie  

  Armand Assante  

  Armin Shimerman   actor

  Armin Shimmerman  

  Armistead Maupin  

  Armor for Sleep   Band

  Armored Saint   Metal Band

  Army Archerd  

  Arnaud Adam   Actor, Bloody Baron in Harry Potter

  Arnie Pantoja   Actor: Sydney White and the Seven Dorks

  Arno penzias   American Physicist and Nobel Laureate in Physics

  Arnold Kopelson  

  Arnold Palmer   Former American Professional Golfer; Known as 'The King'; On...

  Arnold Rifkin  

  Arnold Schwarzenegger   Governor of California, Actor

  Arnold Vosloo   Actor

  Aron Eisenberg   Actor

  Arron Affalo   Basketball player for Detroit Pistons

  Arsenal Football Club   Soccer Team

  Arsenio Hall   actor, also hosted teh Arsenio Hall Show

  Art Carney  

  Art Clokey  

  Art Ditmar   MLB Pitcher 1954 Phila A's & 1961 Yanks

  Art Donovan   Retired NFL player

  Art Garfunkel   Singer (Simon and Garfunkel)

  Art Linkletter  

  Art Mahaffey   Baseball Player

  Art Monk   Retired NFL player

  Art Shell   Football player/Coach

  Arte Johnson  

  Artemis Gounaki   Greek and German singer/songwriter

  Artemis Pebdani   Actress

  Arthur Clarke  

  Arthur Fry   Former United States Inventor and Scientist

  Arthur H. Penn  

  Arthur Hailey  

  Arthur Hill  

  Arthur Hiller  

  Arthur Laurents  

  Arthur Miller  

  Artie Lange   Actor

  Artie Shaw  

  Artimus Pyle   Singer, Musician

  Artur Dmitriev   Figure Skater

  Arturo Gatti   Boxer

  As the World Turns cast   Soap Opera

  Asa Fang   Swedish Actress

  Ashanti   R&B Singer

  Ashlee Simpson   Singer

  Ashley Bashioum  

  Ashley Benson   Actress: Bring It On

  Ashley Blue   Adult Film Star

  Ashley Brown   Actress

  Ashley Force   Funny Car Drag Racer

  Ashley Gere  

  Ashley Greene   Actress: Alice in Twilight

  Ashley Hamilton  

  Ashley Jensen   Actress, 'Ugly Betty', 'Topsy-Turvy'

  Ashley Jones   Actress

  Ashley Judd   Actress

  Ashley Leggat   Canadian Actress: Life with Derek

  Ashley Long   Adult Film Star

  Ashley Marie Greiner   Faith in 'As The World Turns'

  Ashley Massaro   WWE Diva

  Ashley Newbrough   Actress: Kaw

  Ashley Olsen   Actress, 'Full House'

  Ashley Paige   Designer

  Ashley Parker Angel   Singer, 'O-Town'

  Ashley Peldon  

  Ashley Rickards   Actress: American Family

  Ashley Tesoro   Actress: Bold and the Beautiful

  Ashley Tisdale   Actress

  Ashley Wolff   Author

  Ashley Zais   Miss South Carolina USA 2007

  Ashok Kumar   Bollywood Actor

  Ashton Kutcher   Actor


  Asia Argento   Actress

  Asia Carrera   Adult Film Star

  Asleep At The Wheel   Punk Rock Band

  Assemblage 23   Industrial Band

  Aston Villa   English Pro Soccer Club

  Astrid Kercherr  

  Astrud Gilberto   Jazz Singer

  Athena Karkanis   Actress: Saw IV

  Atlanta Braves   Professional Baseball Team

  Atlanta Falcons  

  Atlanta Hawks  

  Atlanta Thrashers   Pro Ice Hockey Team

  Atticus Shaffer   American Actor; Played Brick Heck in 'The Middle'; Voiced Ed...

  Aubrey Dollar   American Actress; Played Judy Kramer on 'Point Pleasant', Ma...

  Aubrey Graham   actor

  Audio Adrenaline  

  Audra Mcdonald   Actress, Singer

  Audrey Landers   Actress

  Audrey Long   1940's actress

  Audrey Tautou   French Actress

  Audrey Totter  

  Audrey Walker   Actress

  Audrina Patridge   American Reality Television: The Hills

  August Swensen  

  Augustana   American Rock Band

  Aunjanue Ellis  

  Austin Carr   Former ABA & NBA Basketball player

  Austin Nichols   Actor

  Austin O'Brien   Playing Joshua 'Josh' Greene on Promised Land

  Austin Peck   Actor: As The World Turns

  Austin Robert Butler   Actor

  Austin St. John   Actor

  Austin Wolff   Actor

  Automatic Loveletter   Band

  Autumn Reeser   Actress: Lost Boys The Tribe

  Ava Cadell, Ph.D, Ed. D.   SEXPERT

  Ava Fabian  

  Avenged Sevenfold   Band

  Avenue Q   Broadway Play

  Average White Band  

  Avery Brooks   Actor

  Avery Dulles  

  Avery Schreiber  

  Aviv Geffen  

  Aviva   Actress: Superbad

  Avril Lavigne   Singer

  Ax   Wrestler

  Axel Schulz   Boxer

  Axl Rose   Lead Singer of Guns n' Roses

  Axl Rotten  

  AYANNA BERKSHIRE   Actress - Twilight

  Ayumi Hamasaki   Japanese Singer

  Aztec Camera  

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