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Celebrity Addresses Starting With D

  D'Lo Brown  

  D. L. Hughley   comedian

  D.B. Sweeney  

  D.J. Augustin   Basketball Player

  D.J. Hackett   Football Wide Receiver

  D.W. Moffett  

  Dabney Coleman   Actor

  Daddy Yankee   Rapper, 'rompe', 'gasolina'

  Daeg Faerch   Actor, Played the young Michael Myers in 'Halloween' (2007)

  Daft Punk   Duo of French Musician

  Daisuke Matsuzaka   Japanese starting pitcher: Boston Red Sox

  Daisy Bates   Brunette Lady from the Moving Picture in Harry Potter

  Daisy Dunlop   Actress

  Daisy Fuentes  

  Dakota Blue Richards   Actress

  Dakota Fanning   Actress

  Dalai Lama  

  Dale Bumpers  

  Dale Dickey   Actress: My Name Is Earl

  Dale Earnhardt, Jr.   NASCAR Driver

  Dale Evans  

  Dale Inman   NASCAR Crew Chief/ Former Crew Chief for Richard Petty

  Dale Jarrett   NASCAR Driver

  Dale Kristien  

  Dale Midkiff   Actor

  Dale Murphy   Baseball Player

  Dale Paulin  

  Dale Rapley   Actor

  Dale Robertson  

  Dale Sveum   Former Baseball Player

  Dale Wasserman  

  Dalene Kurtis   Model, Playboy Playmate, Miss September 2001, Playmate of th...

  Dallas Clark   NFL football player: #44 for Indianapolis Colts

  Dallas Cowboys  

  Dallas Friday   Women's Wakeboard Champion

  Dallas Mavericks  

  Dallas Sartz   American Football Linebacker

  Dallas Stars  

  Damaine Radcliff   Actor, 'Glory Road', 'Step Up'

  Dame Edna Everage  

  Dame Judi Dench  

  Dame Vera Lyn   British Singer, Actress

  Dame Wendy Hiller  

  Dameon Clarke  

  Damian Duff  

  Damian Lewis   British Actor

  Damien Rice   Singer

  Damien Woody   Footballer

  Damn Yankees  

  Damon Albarn   British Singer and Songwriter

  Damon Herriman   Actor: House of Wax

  Damon Hill  

  Damon Lindelof   Writer/Producer: Lost

  Damon Sharpe   Singer, producer, songwriter

  Damon Wayans   Actor

  Dan Abrams   TV Presenter

  Dan Aykroyd   Actor

  Dan Brown   Author

  Dan Castellaneta   Voice Actor: The Simpsons

  Dan Cortese   Actor: What I Like About You

  Dan Dierdof  

  Dan Dierdorf   Retired NFL player

  Dan Driessen  

  Dan Fouts   Retired NFL player

  Dan Futterman  

  Dan Gable  

  Dan Gurney  

  Dan Gutman   Author

  Dan Haggerty   Actor, 'Repo Jake', 'Escape to Grizzly Mountain'

  Dan Hampton  

  Dan Haren   Pro MLB Baseball Player

  Dan Hedaya   actor

  Dan Hicks   singer

  Dan Hughes   QVC Host, 'For Race Fans Only'

  Dan Issel   Basketball Hall of Famer

  Dan Jansen   Olympic Speed Skater

  Dan Jurgens  

  Dan Keating   Long-time Irish Republican Party activist. Age 104

  Dan Klecko   Footballer

  Dan Lauria  

  Dan Majerle   Former Basketball Player

  Dan Marino   retired NFL QB

  Dan McGinn   1969 Montreal Expos MLB Pitcher

  Dan Meyer   Sword Swallower: America's Got Talent and Ripley's Believe I...

  Dan Morgan   Footballer

  Dan O'Brien  

  Dan O'Herlihy  

  Dan Pasqua   Former Baseball Player

  Dan Patrick  

  Dan Piraro   Painter, Illustrator, Cartoonist; Award-Winning Syndicated P...

  Dan Quayle   Former Vice President

  Dan Rather  

  Dan Reeves   Football Player

  Dan Rooney   Owner of The Pittsburgh Steelers Football Team

  Dan Rostenkowski  

  Dan Seals  

  Dan Severn  

  Dan Uggla   Baseball Player

  Dan Wheldon   Race Car Driver

  Dana Allison   Former Baseball Player

  Dana Barron  

  Dana Carvey  

  Dana Davis   Actress

  dana delaney   china beach

  Dana Delany   Actress: China Beach

  Dana Elcar  

  Dana Fuchs   Actress: Across the Universe

  Dana Goodman   Actress

  Dana White   The President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

  Dana Wynter  

  Dancing With The Stars   Reality Dancing Show

  Dane Clark  

  Dane Cook   Comedian

  Dangerous Muse   Electropop Duo

  Dani Filth   Singer

  Dani Harmer   Actress

  Dania Ramirez   Actress, 'X-Men', 'Heroes'

  Danica McKellar  

  Danica Patrick   Female Race Car Driver

  Danica Stewart   Actress

  Daniel Akaka   Senator of Hawaii

  Daniel Alfredson   Hockey Player

  Daniel Anthony   Actor: "The Sarah Jane Adventures: Secrets of the Stars: Par...

  Daniel Auteuil   French Actor

  Daniel Benzali   actor/musician

  Daniel Bernhardt   actor

  Daniel Berrigan  

  Daniel Boorstin  

  Daniel Briere   Hockey Player

  Daniel Bruhl   Actor

  Daniel Bursch  

  Daniel Craig   Actor, Layer Cake, Casino Royale

  Daniel Dae Kim   Actor

  Daniel Davis   Actor NILES on The Nanny

  Daniel Day-Lewis   Actor

  Daniel Depp   Author

  Daniel Franzese   actor

  Daniel Gibson   NBA Basketball Player

  Daniel Hayes   Author, 'The Trouble with Lemons'

  Daniel Hugh-Kelly  

  Daniel Inouye   Hawaii Senator

  Daniel J. Travanti  

  Daniel Kahneman   2002 Nobel Prize for Economics

  Daniel Lavoie   French-Canadian singer and songwriter

  Daniel Letterle   Actor

  Daniel Logan   Actor: Star Wars

  Daniel MacPherson   Australian Actor

  Daniel Merriweather   R&B Singer/ Songwriter

  Daniel Negreanu   Pro Poker Player

  Daniel Powter   Singer

  Daniel Quinn   Actor

  Daniel Radcliffe   Actor: Harry Potter

  Daniel Schorr  

  Daniel Stern   actor

  Daniel Sunjata   Actor: Rescue Me

  Daniel Tosh   comedian

  Daniela Denby-Ashe   Actress, 'My Family'

  Daniela Nane   Actress: BloodRayne

  Daniela Scarlatti   Italian Actress

  Daniela Sea   Actress

  Daniele Delorme  


  Daniella Alonso   Actress

  Daniella Monet  

  Daniella Van Graas  

  Danielle Bisutti   Actress

  Danielle Brent   Actress

  Danielle Brisebois  

  Danielle Burgio   Actress, 'Backlash'

  Danielle Fishel   Actress

  Danielle Fisher   Mountain Climber

  Danielle Harris   Actress, Halloween 4 & 5, Roseanne, Urban Legend

  Danielle Judovits   Voice Actress

  Danielle Lloyd   Model, Actress

  Danielle Panabaker   Actress, 'Summerland'

  Danielle Peck   Country singer

  Danielle Riley Keough   Model, Daughter of Lisa Marie Presley

  Danielle Savre   Actress

  Danielle Steele   Author

  Danielle White   Singer

  Danity Kane   American Pop and R&B Girl Group

  Dann Florek   Actor

  Danna Garcia   Colombian Actress, 'Te voy a ensenar a querer'

  Danneel Harris   Actress: One Tree Hill

  Danni Ashe  

  Dannielle Deporter  

  Dannii Minogue   Singer, Sister to Kylie Minogue.

  Danny Aiello  

  Danny Ainge   Basketball Player and Celtics owner

  Danny Arroyo   Actor, 'Lethal Weapon 4'

  Danny Baker   British TV Presenter

  Danny Baugher   Footballer

  Danny Bonaduce   Actor, 'The Partridge Family'

  Danny Clark   American Football Linebacker

  Danny Cooksey  

  Danny Darwin   Former Baseball Player

  Danny Davis   Country Musician

  Danny DeVito   Actor

  Danny Dyer   Actor

  Danny Elfman   Composer, Member of 'Oingo Boingo'

  Danny Glover   Actor

  Danny Goldring   Misc Star Trek Roles

  Danny Granger   Basketball Player; for the NBA's Indiana Pacers

  Danny John-Jules   Actor, Dancer

  Danny LaRue  

  Danny Masterson   Actor

  Danny McManus   Former Pro Football Player

  Danny Melendez   Former Professional Kickboxer. Won 3 Titles

  Danny Noriega   Singer

  Danny Nucci  

  Danny Pino   Actor, 'Cold Case'

  Danny Pintauro   Actor

  Danny Pudi   Actor 'Community', 'Gilmore Girls'

  Danny Sullivan  

  Danny Trejo   Actor, 'Bubble Boy', 'SherryBaby'

  Danny Villanueva   Dallas Cowboys 60s kicker

  Danny Wiseman   Pro Bowler

  Danny Woodburn   Acting

  Dante Basco   actor

  Dante Hall   Professional Football Player

  Dante Lavelli   Football Hall of Fame

  Danzig   Band

  Daphne Ashbrook   Actress: Doctor Who

  Daphne Fowler   Contestant of the Game Show 'Eggheads'

  daphne maxwell reid   fresh prince of bel air

  Daphne Oxenford   Actress, 'Doctor Who', (Archivist in Dragonfire)

  Daphne Pe'a   Beyond the Break

  Daphne Rubin-Vega   Singer, Actress

  Daphne Zuniga   Actress

  Dara O'Briain   Actor

  Dara Torres   Swimmer

  Daragh O'Malley   Actor, 'Sharpe'

  Darby Conley   Cartoonist

  Darby Hinton  

  Darcey Bussell   Dancer

  Darcy Demoss   Actress: Cant Buy me Love, Friday the 13th part 6

  Darcy Wakaluk  

  Daren Kagasoff   Actor

  Dari Nowkhah   ESPN Anchor

  Daria D'Antonio   Italian Actress: Lascia perdere

  Darin Brooks   Actor: Plays Max Brady on Days of Our lives

  Dario Argento   Director, Writer

  Dario Ballantini   Italian Actor

  Dario Franchitti   IndyCar Driver

  Darius McCrary   Actor

  Darius Rucker  

  Dark New Day   Band

  Darlene Carr  

  Darlene Cates  

  Darlene Dillinger  

  Darlene Love   actress

  Darlene Tompkins  

  Daron Malakian   Guitarist: System of a Down, Scars on Broadway

  Darrel Akerfelds   Baseball

  Darrell Brandon   Former Baseball Player

  Darrell Green   Retired NFL player

  Darrell Gwynn  

  Darrell Larson  

  Darrell Porter  

  Darrell Waltrip  

  Darren Aronofsky   Film Director, 'Pi', 'Requiem for a Dream'

  Darren Bennett   NFL Football Player

  Darren Daulton   Former MLB Baseball Player

  Darren Hayes   Singer, 'Savage Garden'

  Darren McFadden   NFL Football Player

  Darren McGavin   Actor

  Darren Shahlavi   Actor: Beyond the Limits

  Darren Shan   Author

  Darren Woodson   Former Football Player

  Darrin Smith   NFL Football Player, 'Dallas Cowboys'

  Darryl Bell  

  Darryl Blackstock   Footballer

  Darryl Desmerais  

  Darryl McDaniels   Rap Artist, 'DMC'

  Darryl Sabara   actor

  Daryl Anderson  

  Daryl Hannah   Actress

  Daryl Johnston   Former Pro Football Player

  Daryl Sabara  

  Daryl Spencer   1957 NY Giant infielder

  Daryle Singletary   Country Singer

  Daryn Kagan   Author, Creator, Host

  Dash Mihok   Actor

  Dashboard Confessional   Band

  Daunte Culpepper   Vikings/Dolphins/Lions QB NFL

  Dave Abbruzzese   Drummer

  Dave Annable   Actor

  Dave Baldwin   Former Baseball Player

  Dave Barnes   Rock, R&B Singer/Songwriter

  Dave Barry   Columnist, Writer

  Dave Batista   Wrestler

  Dave Bergman  

  Dave Bing   Pro Basketball Hall of Famer

  Dave Blaney   Nascar Driver

  Dave Brown   Actor: Dear Prudence

  Dave Brubeck  

  Dave Brubek   Jazz Legend

  Dave Burrows   Pro Hockey Player

  Dave Butz   Retired NFL player

  Dave Chappelle   Comedian, Actor

  Dave Christian   Olympic Hockey Player

  Dave Concepcion   MLB Baseball Player

  Dave Coulier   Actor, Comedian

  Dave Davies   Lead Guitarist, 'The Kinks'

  Dave Davis   Professional Bowler

  Dave Draper  

  Dave Dravecky   Former Baseball Player: San Diego Padres and San Francisco G...

  Dave Edler  

  Dave Edmunds  

  Dave Eiland   Former Baseball Player

  Dave Ferraro   Professional Bowler

  Dave Fleming   Former Pro Baseball player

  Dave Foley   Canadian Actor

  Dave Gahan   Lead singer for Depeche Mode

  Dave Graue  

  Dave Hawkins   Actor

  Dave Henderson   Baseball Player

  Dave Hilmers  

  Dave Husted   Professional Bowler

  Dave Johnson   Former Baseball Player

  Dave Keuning   Member of 'The Killers'

  Dave King   Actor

  Dave Kingman   Former Football player

  Dave Lapoint   Former Baseball Player

  Dave Legeno   Actor: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

  Dave Lenego   Fernir Greyback in Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince

  Dave Letterman  

  Dave Lopes  

  Dave Madden   Actor

  Dave Marcis  

  Dave Matthews   Singer

  Dave Mirra   BMX athlete

  Dave Moore   Football Player

  Dave Mustaine   Singer

  Dave Navarro   Musician

  Dave Nilsson   Former Australian MLB Baseball Player: Milwaukee Brewers

  Dave Pear   Former NFL Football Player

  Dave Roberts  

  Dave Rozema   Former Baseball Player

  Dave Schmidt   Former Baseball Player

  Dave Silk   Olympic Hockey Player

  Dave Soutar   Professional Bowler

  Dave Spikey   British Comedian

  Dave Stewart   Composer, Musician

  Dave Thomas (SCTV)  

  Dave Wannstedt   Head Coach of University Of Pittsburgh Panthers Football Tea...

  Dave Weathers   Former MLB Baseball Player

  Dave Winfield   Professional Baseball Player

  Dave Wittenberg   Voice Actor

  Dave Wottle   Olympic Track & Field Runner

  Davetta Sherwood   Actress: Played Lily on the Young and the Restless

  Davey Havok   Vocalist for AFI

  Davey Johnson   Former baseball player and manager

  David A. Kimball   Actor: The Firm

  David Ackroyd   Actor

  David Alan Grier  

  David Allan Coe   Musician

  David Allancoe  

  David Anders   Actor: Heroes

  David Ankrum   Actor: The Big Five

  David Anspaugh  

  David Anthony Higgins   Actor

  David Archuleta   Singer/ American Idol

  David Arlen   Actor: Doctor Who

  David Arquette   Courtney Cox's husband, and star of Scream

  David Asman   News Anchor

  David Bailie   Actor, 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

  David Baldacci   Author: Stone Cold

  David Ball  

  David Baltimore  

  David Banks  

  David Beckham   Pro Soccer Player

  David Beecroft  

  David Begelman  

  David Belafonte  

  David Benoit   Pro Basketball Player

  David Berglas  

  David Berman   Actor, 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'

  David Birney  

  David Bisbal   Latin Singer

  David Blaine   Magician

  David Boreanaz   Actor

  David Bowie   Singer

  David Boyd  

  David Bradley   Actor, Filch in 'Harry Potter'

  David Brenner  

  David Bromstad   Host of Color Splash on HGTV

  David Byrne  

  David Cameron  

  David Canary  

  David Carr   NFL Football Player

  David Carradine   Actor

  David Caruso   Actor

  David Cassidy   actor

  David Catching   Former guitarist for Queens of the Stone Age/Eagles of Death...

  David Charvet   Actor

  David Chase   Director

  David Cherry  

  David Chokachi   actor

  David Chokwachi  

  David Clennon  

  David Cone   Former Baseball Player

  David Conrad  

  David Cook   Singer: American Idol

  David Copperfield   Magician

  David Coulthard   F1 Racer

  David Coverdale   Singer, Member of 'Whitesnake'

  David Cronenberg   Director

  David Crosby  

  David Crowder Band   Band

  David Cubitt   Actor

  David Denman   Actor, 'The Office'

  David Dinkins   Former New York mayor

  David Dorfman   Actor: Panic, The Ring

  David Dortort  

  David Doyle  

  David Duchovny   Actor

  David Dukes  

  David Duval  

  David E. Kelley   Writer, Producer

  David Eckstein   Pro Baseball Player

  David Eigenberg   Actor: The Mothman Prophecies

  David Ellefson   Former Bassist: Megadeth

  David Essex   Singer

  David Faber   Author

  David Faustino  

  David Filo  

  David Finlay Jr.   Irish WWE Pro Wrestler, Stage Name: Finlay

  David Foster Wallace   Author

  David Frost  

  David Fumero   Actor: One Life To Live

  David Furnish   Canadian Filmmaker: "Elton John: Tantrums & Tiaras"

  David Gallagher   Actor

  David Garrison  

  David Gates  

  David Geffen   Producer

  David Gerber  

  David Gilliland   Nascar driver

  David Gilmour   English Musician: Lead Guitarist in the Band Pink Floyd

  David Gooderson  

  David Grewe   Michigan State University Baseball Head Coach

  David Griffen   Actor: Doctor Who - The Sea Devils

  David Grohl   Musician: Foo Fighters

  David Haig   Actor

  David Hall Hodges   Keyboardist and Vocalist

  David Hallyday   French Singer, Songwriter

  David Hare   Writer, Director

  David Harper  

  David Hart   Actor

  David Hartley Margolin   Actor

  David Hartman   Actor, Host of Good Morning America

  David Hasselhoff   Actor

  David Haye   Boxing

  David Hayter   Actor, Voice Actor, 'Metal Gear Solid'

  David Hedison  

  David Henrie   Actor: Wizards of Waverly Place

  David Herman   Actor: Office Space

  David Herndon   MLB Relief Pitcher

  David Hewlett   Actor, Cube, Clutch, Scanners 2

  David Hidalgo  

  David Hill  

  David Horowitz  

  David Hyde Pierce   Actor, Dr. Niles Crane on 'Frasier' TV show

  David J. Stern   NBA Commissioner

  David James   British Soccer Player (footballer)

  David Jason   Actor

  David Justice   Former Baseball Player

  David Kaufman   Voice Actor

  David Kaye   Voice Actor

  David Keith  

  David Koechner   Actor

  David Krumholtz   actor

  David L. Lander  

  David L. Wolper  

  David Lascher   Actor

  David Lee   Basketball

  David Lee Roth  

  David Lee Smith   Actor

  David Leisure  

  David Letterman   Late Night Talk Show Host

  David Levy   Finding comets

  David Lewis   Former NFL Football Player

  David Lynch   Director, Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, Blue Velvet, Dune

  David Mamet  

  David McCallum   Actor, 'NCIS'

  David Mitchell   Comedian, Actor, Writer

  David Morrell   Canadian Novelist

  David Morse   Actor

  David Moscow   Actor

  David Murry   NASCAR Driver

  David Naughton   Actor

  David Nelson  

  David Newell   Actor: Played Mr. McFeely on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

  David Newman  

  David Nutter   Director, 'The X Files', 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chron...

  David O'Hara   Actor

  David Ogden Stiers   Actor

  David Ortiz   Professional Baseball Player

  David Oyelowo   Actor, Spooks

  David Paetkau   Actor: Disturbing Behavior

  David Paymer  

  David Pearson  

  David Peel  

  David Pelletier   Olympic Ice Skater

  David Peoples   Pro Golfer

  David Price   MLB Baseball Player; for the Tampa Bay Rays

  David Proval   Actor, 'The Sopranos'

  David Prowse   Actor

  David R. Varela   Actor

  David Ragan   Nascar Driver

  David Rasche  

  david robb   actor

  David Robinson  

  David S. Goyer   Writer, Producer

  David S. Ward  

  David Schofield   Actor: Played Mercer in Pirates of the Caribbean

  David Schwimmer   Actor: Friends

  David Scott  

  David Segui   Former Baseball Player

  David Selby   Actor

  David Shire  

  David Soul   Actor, 'Starsky and Hutch'

  David Souter  

  David Spade   Actor

  David Spinx   English actor

  David St. James   Actor

  David Stollery  

  David Straithairn  

  David Strathairn   Actor

  David Stremme   NASCAR Driver

  David Suchet   Actor

  David Tennant   Actor

  David Thewlis   British Actor, 'Harry Potter', 'Dragonheart'

  David Thompson   Former Basketball Player (NBA)

  David Threlfall   Actor

  David Troughton   Actor: Doctor Who

  David Twohy   Director

  David Venable   Popular QVC Host

  David Vendetta   French DJ

  David Villa Sanchez   Professional soccer player, Nickname: El Guaje

  David Wachs   Actor

  David Walliams   British Actor: Little Britain, Stardust

  David Warner  

  David Weatherley   Barliman Butterbur in 'Lord of the Rings'

  David Wells   Actor

  David Wenham   actor

  David Weston   Actor: Doctor Who

  David Wilcox   80's Rock Music

  David Wolf   Astronaut

  David Wolper  

  David Wright   Professional Baseball Player

  David Young   Writer

  David Zucker   Film Director

  Davina McCall   TV Presenter

  Davinia Palmer   Very Popular QVC Host

  Davis Gaines  

  Davis Love III   Professional Golfer

  Davone Bess   NFL Football Player

  Davy Jones   Singer from 'The Monkees'

  Dawn French   Actress

  Dawn Porter   British Television Presenter, Writer

  Dawn Robinson   R&B, Soul, Dance-Pop Singer

  Dawn Wells  

  Dawsons Creek cast  

  Dax Shepard  

  Dayanara Torres   Actress

  Days of Our Lives Cast   Soap Opera

  Daz Crawford   Actor: Blade II

  DC Talk  

  De La Soul  

  Deacon Jones   Former Professional Football Player

  Deadliest Warrior   TV Show

  Deaf Pedestrians   Alternative rock band

  Dean Butler  

  Dean Cain   Actor

  Dean Cameron  

  Dean Chance  

  Dean Haglund   Actor, 'X-Files'

  Dean Jones   Actor

  Dean Koontz  

  Dean Malenko   Wrestler

  Dean McDermott   Actor

  Dean Norris   Actor

  Dean Palmer   Former Baseball Player

  Dean R. Koontz  

  Dean Rusk  

  Dean Smith   UNC Basketball Retired Head Coach

  Dean Stockwell  

  Dean Torrence  

  Dean Winters   Actor, 'Rescue Me', 'Oz'

  Dean Young   Cartoonist: Blondie

  Deana Carter   Country Music Singer

  Deandre Way   Rapper, AKA Soulja Boy

  Deanna Brooks   Playboy Playmate

  Deanna Casaluce   Degrassi: TNG

  Deanna Dunagan   Actress

  Deanna Durbin  

  Deanna Lund  

  Deanna Russo   Actress: Knight Rider

  Deanna Wright   Actress

  Deanna Wynn  

  Deanne Bray   Deaf Actress

  Dear Jayne   R&B Pop Trio

  Dearbhla Molloy   Actress: No Reservations

  Death Cab for Cutie   American indie rock band

  Deb Fordham   Writer/Producer: Scrubs

  Deb Miles   Radio Personality

  Deb Talan   Singer: The Weepies

  Debbe Dunning  

  Debbi Morgan   Actress: All My Children

  Debbie Allen  

  Debbie Armstrong  

  Debbie Boone  

  Debbie Chazen   Actress: Doctor Who - Voyage of the Damned

  Debbie Deb   Singer

  Debbie Harry  

  Debbie Hennessey   Singer

  Debbie Matenopoulos   Actress: Celebrity Deathmatch

  Debbie Meyer  

  Debbie Reynolds  

  Debbie Rochon  

  Debbie Turner   Actress

  Debby Ryan   Actress: The Suite Life on Deck

  Debi Diamond  

  Debi Mazar  

  Debi Richter  

  Debi Thomas   Former Olympic Skater

  Debora Villa   Actress

  Deborah Adair  

  Deborah Cara Unger  

  Deborah Cox   Singer, Actress

  Deborah Dutch  

  Deborah Dyer   Singer: Band Skunk Anansie

  Deborah Gibson   Singer, Actress

  Deborah Harry   Singer

  Deborah Kerr  

  Deborah Moore   Actress: Die Another Day

  Deborah Norville   TV Broadcaster and Journalist

  Deborah Raffin  

  Deborah Shelton  

  Deborah Walley  

  Deborah Watling  


  Debra Clinger  

  Debra Jo Fondren  

  Debra Jo Rupp   Actress: That '70s Show

  Debra Messing   Actress, TV Show 'Will & Grace'

  Debra Paget   Actress

  Debra Winger   Actress

  Debrah Farentino   Actress

  Debralee Scott  

  Dee Dee Dick  

  Dee Henderson   Author

  Dee Snider   Lead Singer For Twisted Sister

  Dee Wallace Stone  

  Deep Purple   Hard Rock Band

  Deep Roy   Actor / Stuntman

  Deepak Chopra   Indian medical doctor and writer

  Deepika Padukone   Indian Actress, Model

  Def Leppard   Band

  Default   Rock Band

  DeForest Kelly  

  Degrassi: The Next Generation Cast   television show

  Deidre Hall  

  Deidre Holland  

  Deion Branch   NFL pro football player

  Deion Sanders   Retired Football player

  Del Crandall  

  Del Shores   American Film Director and Producer

  Del Worsham  

  Del-Vikings, The  

  Delane Matthews  

  Delbert Mann  

  Delia Linden   Dancer: Doctor Who

  Delilah   Radio Host

  Dell Curry   Former Basketball Player NBA

  Della Reese   Musician, Actor, 'Touched By an Angel'

  Delores Fuller  

  Delroy Lindo  

  Delta Burke   Actress

  Delta Goodrem   Singer

  Dem Franchize Boyz   Hip Hop Group

  DeMarcus Ware   American Football Linebacker For Dallas Cowboys

  Demario Thornton   Singer, Actor

  Demetri Martin   Comedian, Actor

  Demi Lovato   Actress

  Demi Moore   Actress

  Demorrio Williams   American Football Linebacker

  Dena Dietrich  

  Deniece Williams  

  Denis Boucher   Former Baseball Player

  Denis Leary   Actor

  Denis Savard   Hockey Hall of Famer

  Denis Waitley  

  Denise Alexander  

  Denise Austin   Fitness Expert

  Denise Borino-Quinn   Sopranos Star

  Denise Brown  

  Denise Crosby  

  Denise Gentile   Actress: Babylon 5

  Denise Karbon   Italian Alpine Skier

  Denise Milani   Model

  Denise Richards   Actress and Fashion Model

  Denise Van Outen   Theatrical Actress, Presenter, 'The Big Breakfast'

  Denise Walsh   Actress

  Denise Welch   British Actress: Waterloo Road

  Dennis Anderson   Monster Truck Driver

  Dennis Anfuso   Author

  Dennis Awtrey   Basketball Player

  Dennis Boutsikaris   Actor

  Dennis Byrd  

  Dennis Conner  

  Dennis Doherty   Singer

  Dennis Dugan  

  Dennis Eckersley   Retired baseball hall of famer

  Dennis Edwards   Former Lead Singer of The Temptations

  Dennis Erickson   Arizona State Sun Devils football team Head Coach

  Dennis Farina   Actor

  Dennis Franz   actor

  Dennis Haskins   Actor: Saved By the Bell

  Dennis Haysbert   Actor: 24

  Dennis Herron   Retired NHL Goalie

  Dennis Hextall   Former Detroit redwing hockey player

  Dennis Hopper   Actor

  Dennis Lawson  

  Dennis Leonard  

  Dennis Locorriere   Guitarist for Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show

  Dennis Miller  

  Dennis Nicholas  

  Dennis Quaid   Actor

  Dennis Rasmussen   Former Baseball Player

  Dennis Rodman   Former NBA basketball player

  Dennis Storhoi   Actor

  Dennis Waterman   British Actor, 'New Tricks'

  Dennis Weaver  

  Denny Brauer   Professional Fisherman

  Denny Chapman   Top Shot participant/Equine Entertainer

  Denny Delk   Voice Actor - Star Wars V

  Denny Dillon  

  Denny Doherty  

  Denny Hamlin   NASCAR Driver

  Denny McLain  

  Denny Miller  

  Denny Walling   Former Baseball Player

  Denver Broncos  

  Denver Nuggets  

  Denys Arcand   Director, 'Barbarian Invasion'

  Denzel Washington   Actor

  Deon Richmond   Actor

  Depeche Mode   Band

  Derek Acorah   TV Presenter

  Derek Amory   Boxer

  Derek Anderson   American Football Quarterback for The Cleveland Browns

  Derek Bell  

  Derek de Lint   Dutch film and television actor

  Derek Fowlds   Actor: Heartbeat

  Derek Hartley   Director

  Derek Hough   Professional Ballroom Dancer: Dancing with the Stars

  Derek Jacobi   actor

  Derek Jeter   MLB baseball player

  Derek King   Former Hockey Player

  Derek Lowe   Baseball Pitcher

  Derek Luke   Actor

  Derek Parks   Former Baseball Player

  Derek Parra   US Speed Skater

  Derek Richardson  

  Derek Riggs   Artist: Iron Maiden Artwork

  Derek Smee   Actor: Doctor Who

  Derek Waters   Actor: Married to the Kellys

  Dermontti Dawson   Retired NFL Center for the Pittsburgh Steelers

  Dermot Mulroney   Actor

  Dermot O'Leary   Big Brother UK Presenter

  Deron Williams   NBA Point Gaurd

  Derrek Lee   MLB Baseball Player

  Derren Brown   British Illusionist, Magician

  Derrick Comedy   Comedy Group

  Derrick Rose   Basketball Player

  Derrike Cope   NASCAR Driver

  Dervla Kirwan   Irish Actress, 'Ballykissangel'

  Deryl Dodd  

  Desert Rose Band  

  DeShaun Foster   Footballer

  Desi Arnaz Jr.   Actor

  Desmond askew   Actor

  Desmond Harrington   Actor

  Desmond M. Tutu   Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town

  Desperate Housewives   TV Show

  Destiny's Child  

  Detroit Lions  

  Detroit Pistons  

  Detroit Red Wings  

  Detroit Tigers   Professional Baseball Team

  Deuce McAllister   NFL Runningback

  Dev Mcclure   Actor

  Dev Patel   Actor: Slumdog Millionaire, Skins

  Deval Patrick   Massachusetts Governer

  Devan Sawa   actor

  Devard Darling   Football Wide Receiver

  Devin Hester   Pro Football Player


  Devon Aoki   Actress

  Devon Graye   Actor

  Devon Murray   Actor, played Seamus Finnigan in 'Harry Potter'

  Devon Odessa   Actress

  Devon Sawa   Actor

  Devon Weigel   Actress: Falcon Beach

  Devon Werkheiser   Actor

  Dewey Selmon   Former NFL Football Player

  Dexter Carter   Retired NFL player

  Dexter Holland   Member of ' The Offspring'

  Dexter Jackson   NFL Football Player

  Dexter King   Son of Martin Luther King, Jr.

  dey young   actor

  Dez Fafara   Vocalist

  Dhani Jones   NFL Football Player

  Diahann Carroll   Actress, Eve's Bayou

  Diahanne Abbott  

  Diamond Dallas Page   Wrestler

  Diamond Rio   Country Mucsic Band

  Dian Parkinson  

  Diana Barrows   Actress, 'Friday The 13th' Part 7

  Diana Canova  

  Diana Degarmo   Singer, Songwriter, Actress, American Idol (2004)

  Diana Glenn   Actress: Black Water

  Diana Krall   Jazz Pianist and Singer

  Diana Mera   Singer

  Diana Muldaur   Actress

  diana mulduar   Actress - Star Trek: The Next Generation

  Diana Odin   Actress

  Diana Reed   Miss Iowa 2007

  Diana Rigg  

  Diana Ross   singer

  Diana Scarwid  

  Diana Serra Cary   Author, Historian, American Child Star of the Hollywood Sile...

  Diana Taurasi   Olympic Basketball Player

  Diana Wynne Jones   Author

  Diandra Newlin   Singer, Songwriter, Actress

  Diane Baker   Actress

  Diane Farr   Actress

  Diane Henry   Model, Contestant, 'Big Brother 5'

  Diane Keaton   Actress

  Diane Koskela   Actress

  Diane Kruger   Actress

  Diane Ladd   Actress

  Diane Lane   Actress, Must Love Dogs, The Perfect Storm, Chaplin

  Diane Neal   Actress: Law and Order

  Diane Sawyer   Television Journalist

  Diane Schuur  

  Diane Venora  

  Diane von Furstenberg   Fashion Designer

  Dianne Kay  

  Dianne Weist  

  Dick Adams   Former baseball player

  Dick Bielski  

  Dick Butkis   Retired NFL player

  Dick Butkus  

  Dick Butkus   Former American Football Player, Linebacker

  Dick Button  

  Dick Cavett   American Former TV Talk Show

  Dick Chaney   Vice-President

  Dick Cheney   Vice President of USA

  Dick Clark   TV Host

  Dick Contino  

  Dick Dale   The King Of The Surf Guitar

  Dick Douglas  

  Dick Duff   Retired NHL Player

  Dick Enberg   sports broadcaster

  Dick Gautier  

  Dick Gregory  

  Dick Groat   Former MLB Baseball Player: Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis...

  Dick Hodgins  

  dick jones   pinocchio

  Dick LeMay   Former Baseball Player

  Dick Locher  

  Dick Martin  

  Dick McGuire   Former NBA basketball player and coach

  Dick Miller  

  Dick Morris  

  Dick Rutan   Flew Voyager around the world on one tank of gas, non-stop

  Dick Simmons  

  Dick Thornburgh  

  Dick Trickle  

  Dick Van Dyke   Actor

  Dick Van Patten   Actor: Eight is Enough

  Dick Vermeil   Former NFL Head Coach

  Dick Vitale  

  Dick Warlock   Stuntman, Actor: Halloween

  Dick Williams   MLB Baseball hall of famer

  Dick Wolf   Creator/ Producer

  Dickie Jones  

  Dickie Moore  

  Dickie Noles  

  Dicky Lyons Jr.   Football Player

  Didi Conn   Actress: Grease

  Didier Cuche   Swiss Alpine Skier

  Didier Drogba   Actor

  Dido   Singer

  Die Toten Hosen   German Punk Band

  Diedrich Bader   Actor

  Diego Armando Maradona   Soccer Player

  Diego Luna   Actor

  Diego Segui   1965 KC A's pitcher

  Dierdre Hall  

  Dierks Bentley   Country Singer

  Diesel   Wrestler

  Dilip Kumar   Bollywood Actor

  Dillon C. Douglas  

  Dilshad Vadsaria   Actress: Greek

  Dima Bilan   Russian singer

  Dimension Zero   Band

  Dina Merrill  

  Dina Meyer   Actress

  Dina Spybey   Actress: Freaky Friday

  Dina Waters   Actress

  Dinah Manoff   Empty Nest

  Dinah Sheridan   Actress

  Dino De Laurentiis   Producer, 'Hannibal'

  Dion DiMucci  

  Dionne Warwick   Singer

  Diora Baird   Actress

  Dir En Grey   Band

  Dire Straits   Rock Band

  Dirk Benedict  

  Dirk Blocker   Actor

  Dirk Nowitzki   Professional Basketball Player

  Dirk Waanders   Actor

  Dirty Sexy Money   Television Show on ABC


  Disney Channel  


  Dita Von Teese   International Burlesque Star


  Divya Dutta   Actress

  Dixie Carter   Actress

  Dixie Chicks   Country Music Group

  Dixie Chicks, The  

  Dixie Cups, The  

  Diya Mirza   Bollywood Actress

  DJ Bobo   Singer

  DJ Paul   Rapper

  DJ Qualls   Actor

  Djibril Cisse   Soccer

  Djimon Hounsou   Actor, 'Gladiator', 'Blood Diamond'

  Dmitri Young   First Baseman: The Washington Nationals

  Dmitry Chaplin   Prof. Dancer on DWTS

  DMX   Rap Artist, Real Name: Earl Simmons

  Doak Walker  

  Doc Cheatham  

  Doc Severinson  

  Doctor Who Cast   British Sci-Fi, Drama TV Show

  Dodie P. Coogan  

  Dody Goodman  

  Dog the Bounty Hunter   Reality TV Series

  Dolce & Gabbana   Fashion Designers

  Dolly Martin   Model, Actress

  Dolly Parton   Country Singer, Actress

  Dolores Albin  

  Dolores Dorn  

  Dolores Hope   Singer, Widow of Bob Hope

  Dolores O'Riordan   Lead Singer of 'The Cranberries'

  Dolph Camilli  

  Dolph Lundgren   Actor

  Dolph Schayes   Basketball Player, HOF

  Dom DeLuise  

  Dom DiMaggio  

  Domenico Dolce   Fashion Designer

  Dominic Chianese   Actor, 'The Sopranos'

  Dominic Cooper   British Actor: Danny Wood in TV's Down To Earth, Dakin in Th...

  Dominic Dobson  

  Dominic Janes   Actor

  Dominic Keating   Actor

  Dominic Monaghan   Actor

  Dominic Purcell   Actor

  Dominic West   Actor

  Dominik Hasek   Pro Hockey Player

  Dominique Dawes  

  Dominique Moceanu   Olympic Gymnast

  Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie   NFL Football Player: Arizona Cardinals

  Dominique Simone  

  Dominique Swain  

  Dominique Wilkins   NBA Basketball Hall Of Famer

  Don Aase   Former Baseball Player

  Don Adams   Maxwell Smart on classic TV show Get Smart

  Don Addis  

  Don Airey   Keyboardist for Deep Purpel

  Don Albury  

  Don Asae   Baseball Player

  Don August   Former Baseball Player

  Don Baylor  

  Don Bexley  

  Don Bosch   1969 Montreal Expos & NY Mets outfielder

  Don Brumfield  

  Don Calfa   actor

  Don Carman   Former Baseball Player

  Don Carter   Professional Bowler

  Don Cervantez  

  Don Cheadle   Actor

  Don Cherry  

  Don Cornell  

  Don Coscarelli  

  Don Demeter   Brooklyn Dodger 1956 MLB player

  Don Diamont  

  Don Dolan  

  Don Felder  

  Don Galloway  

  Don Garlits  

  Don Gibb  

  Don Gibson   Songwriter, country musician

  Don Gordon  

  Don Grady  

  Don Haskins   Olympic Basketball Player

  Don Hastings   Actor: As the World Turns

  Don Henley   Singer; for the Eagles

  Don Ho  

  Don Ienner  

  Don January  

  Don Johnson   Actor

  Don Keefer  

  Don Kessinger   Former MLB Shortstop: Chicago Cubs

  Don King  

  Don Knotts   Actor

  Don LaFontaine   Voice Over Artist for major films

  Don Larsen   Former Basketball Player

  Don Long  

  Don Lund  

  Don Majkowski   Former NFL football quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, I...

  Don Maloney   Former NHL Player

  Don Matheson  

  Don Mattingly  

  Don McKenney   Retired NHL Player

  Don McLean   singer

  Don McPherson   Football Player

  Don Meredith   Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, former spokesman for Lipt...

  Don Moen   Singer, Producer: Christian worship music

  Don Mossi   1954 Cleveland Indians

  Don Mueller   1954 NY Giant MLB player

  Don Murray  

  Don Novello  

  Don Prudhomme  

  Don Rickles  

  Don S. Davis   actor

  Don Shanks   Stuntman, Actor

  Don Shula   Former pro football coach for the Miami Dolphins

  Don Slaught   Former MLB Baseball Player

  Don Stark   actor

  Don Strock  

  Don Stroud  

  Don Sutton   Former Baseball Player

  Don Swayze   Actor

  Don Taussig   Houston Colt 45's OF 1962

  Don Tobin  

  Don Trachte  

  Don Williams   Country Singer and Songwriter

  Don Zimmer   Former Baseball Player

  Donal Logue   Actor: Grounded For Life, Ghost Rider

  Donald Bellisario   Actor, 'Quantum Leap'

  Donald Byrd  

  Donald Faison   actor

  Donald Hollas   Former Football player

  Donald Igwebuike   Former NFL Football Kicker

  Donald Keeler  

  Donald May  

  Donald Moffat  

  Donald O'Connor   Dancer, singer, actor

  Donald Sutherland   Actor

  Donald T. Regan  

  Donald Trump   real estate tycoon / billionaire

  Donald Tusk   Poland Prime Minister

  Donetella Versace   Designer


  Donn Pall   Former Baseball Player

  Donn Swaby  

  Donna Rice Hughes   Known as Gary Hart Girlfriend

  Donna Air  

  Donna Baccala   1960's Actress

  Donna D'Errico   model-baywatch babe

  Donna De Lory   Madonna's Backup Singer,Dancer/ Solo Pop Singer

  Donna de Varona  

  Donna deVarona  

  Donna Dixon  

  Donna Douglas  

  Donna Fargo   Country Music Singer

  Donna Karan   Fashion Designer

  Donna Loren  

  Donna Mills   Actress, 'Play Misty for Me'

  Donna Murphy  

  Donna Stewart-Hardway   Actress, Child munchkin on The Wizard of Oz

  Donna Summer   Singer

  Donna Theodore  

  Donna Traci  

  Donna Wilkes  

  Donnelly Rhoades  

  Donnie Abraham   NFL Football Player

  Donnie Allison   NASCAR Racing Legend

  Donnie Brooks  

  Donnie Klang   Singer: Making the Band 4

  Donnie Wahlberg   Actor, Member of 'New Kids On The Block'

  Donnie Yen   Actor, Film Director, Fight Choreographer

  Donny Deutsch   The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch

  Donny Most  

  Donny Osmond   Singer


  Donovan McNabb   Professional Football Player

  Donte Curry   Footballer

  Donte Stallworth   NFL Football Player

  Dontrelle Willis   Pro Baseball Player

  Doobie Brothers  

  Doon Mackichan   British Comedienne

  Doors, The  

  Dope   Heavy Metal Band

  Doran Clark  

  Doreen Mantle   Actress: One Foot In The Grave

  Dorian Harewood  

  Dorian Yates  

  Doris Day   Actress

  Doris Dowling  

  Doris Eaton Travis   Former Ziegfeld Girl

  Doris Hart   Tennis Player

  Doris Roberts  

  Doris Singleton   Actress, 'I Love Lucy'

  Doro Pesch   Female heavy metal singer, Real name: Dorothee Pesch

  Dorothiea Patton Seka   Adult Film Star

  Dorothy Cheney   Former Professional Tennis Player

  Dorothy Denny  

  Dorothy Hamill   Figure Skater

  Dorothy Harrell Snooky Doyle   AAGPBL women's pro baseball player

  Dorothy Janis   American Actress. In 5 films in the late 20's including The ...

  Dorothy Lyman  

  Dorothy Malone  

  Dorothy McGuire  

  Dorothy Pitman Hughes   Child Care Activist

  Dorothy Provine  

  Dorothy Young   Assistance to Harry Houdini

  Dory Funk, Jr.  

  Dot Allison   singer

  Doug Aamoth   Actor

  Doug Atkins  

  Doug Barr  

  Doug Benson   Comedian, Actor

  Doug Betters   Former Football player

  Doug Bird   Former Baseball Player

  Doug Bradley   Actor, Pinhead in 'Hellraiser'

  Doug Brien   NFL Football Player

  Doug Chapin  

  Doug Corbett  

  Doug Cosbie  

  Doug Davidson   Actor, 'The Young and the Restless'

  Doug Drabek   Former MLB Baseball Pitcher

  Doug Flutie   NFL football player, 'Chicago Bears'

  Doug Gabriel   Football Wide Receiver

  Doug Horne   Pro Stock Motorcycle Racer

  Doug Hutchinson   Actor

  Doug Jennings   Former Baseball Player

  Doug Jones   Actor: Hellboy

  Doug Jones   Former Baseball Player

  Doug Jung   Screenwriter


  Doug Mckeon   actor

  Doug Sadler   Director

  Doug Savant   Actor, 'Desperate Housewives'

  Doug Sisk   Former MLB player

  Doug Sofranko   Taekwondo Olympic Champion

  Doug Stone   Country Music Singer, Actor

  Doug Vernieu   Musician; Drummer of Dimension Zero Band

  Doughboys, The  

  Dougie Poynter   McFly Band Member

  Douglas Adams  

  Douglas Engelbart  

  Douglas LeClair  

  Douglas McIntosh   Court Officer: The People's Court

  Douglas Preston   Author

  Douglas Smith   actor

  Dougray Scott   Actor

  Doyle Brunson   professional poker player

  Doyle Lawson   Bluegrass singer

  Dozi   South African Singer

  Dr. Bill Baker   Olympic Hockey Player

  Dr. Bonnie Dunbar   Astronaut

  Dr. David Ho  

  Dr. David Satcher  

  Dr. Demento  

  Dr. Denton Cooley   Pioneer of the Heart Transplant

  Dr. Don L. Lind  

  Dr. Dre   Rapper, Actor

  Dr. Edward Fenech Adami   President of Malta

  Dr. Feelgood  

  Dr. Jack Kevorkian   Controversial American Pathologist

  Dr. James Andrews   Physician: Orthopaedic Surgeon

  Dr. Joyce Brothers  

  Dr. Loren W. Acton  

  Dr. Mae C. Jemison  

  Dr. Martin Luther King III   Son of Martin Luther King Jr.

  Dr. Mary Cleave  

  Dr. Phillip McGraw   TV Psychologist

  Dr. Ronald Sega  

  Dr. Rudolf Hoelker  

  Dr. Terry J. Hart  

  Dr. William Towne  

  Dr. Zahi Hawass   Egyptian archaeologist and Egyptologist


  Dragonforce   English Power Metal Band

  Drake and Josh   TV Show

  Drake Bell   Actor

  Drake Hogestyn  

  Drea de Matteo   Actress

  Dream So Real  

  Dream Street   Boy Band

  Drew Barrymore   Actress

  Drew Bledsoe   Professional Football Player

  Drew Brees   Football Quarterback

  Drew Carey   Actor, Who's Line Is It Anyway

  Drew Carter   Football Wide Receiver

  Drew Fuller   actor

  Drew Garrett   Actor - General Hospital

  Drew Henson   Football, Baseball Player

  Drew Hill   Retired NFL player

  Drew Pearson  

  Drew Pinsky   Host: Celebrity Rehab

  Drew Seeley   Actor, Songwriter, Singer, 'High School Musical'

  Drew Stanton   Football Player

  Drifters, The  


  Dropkick Murphys   Punk Band

  Drowning Pool   Rock Band

  Duane Chapman   Bounty Hunter/ Bail Bondsman

  Duane Chase   Kurt on THE SOUND OF MUSIC

  Duane Eddy  

  Dude 'N Nem   Rapper

  Duff Goldman   Baker, Food Artist, Star of Reality TV Show 'Ace of Cakes'

  Duff McKagan   Musician

  Duffy   Singer

  duffy dyer   1969 Ny Mets catcher

  Duke Snider   Retired Baseball Player

  Dule Hill   Actor 'Psych'

  Duncan James   Singer, 'Blue'

  Duncan Regehr   Actor, Artist

  Duran Duran   Band

  Durham Bulls   Minor League Baseball team

  Dustin Diamond   Actor, 'Saved By The Bell'

  Dustin Hermanson   Former Baseball Player

  Dustin Hoffman   Actor

  Dustin Lance Black   Screenwriter, Film Director, Producer

  Dustin Milligan   Runaway

  Dustin Nguyen   Actor

  Dusty Baker   Former MLB Baseball Player

  Dusty Hill   Member of 'ZZ Top'

  Dusty Springfield  

  Dutch Divas   Female Singing Group

  Dwayne Adway   Actor, Into the Blue, Soul Plane

  Dwayne Blakley   Footballer

  Dwayne Hickman   Actor

  Dwayne Wade   NBA basketball player, 'Miami Heat'

  Dweezil Zappa   Musician, Actor

  Dwight Howard   NBA Basketball Player

  Dwight Schultz  

  Dwight Smith   NFL Football Player, Minnesota Vikings

  Dwight White   Retired NFL Player

  Dwight Yoakam   Country Western Singer

  Dyan Cannon   Cary Grant's Wife

  Dyanne Thorne  

  Dylan Baker  

  Dylan Bruce   Actor: As the World Turns

  Dylan McDermott   Actor: The Practice

  Dylan Moran   Actor/Comedian

  Dylan Sprouse   Actor

  Dylan Walsh   Actor

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