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Celebrity Addresses Starting With F

  F. Lee Bailey   Attorney

  F. Murray Abraham   Actor

  F. Story Musgrave   Astronaut - NASA

  F.R. David   Singer

  Fabian   Singer, Actor

  Fabian Cancellara   Racing Cyclist

  Fabian Hambuchen   Gymnast

  Fabian Wegmann   Racing Cyclist

  Fabio Lanzoni   Actor, Model

  Fairuza Balk   Actress, Musician

  Faith Evans   Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Actress

  Faith Ford   Actress

  Faith Hill   Country Singer, Record Producer

  Faith No More   Rock Band

  Fall Out Boy   Rock Band

  Family Channel   TV Channel

  Family Force 5   Christian Rock Band

  Family Guy   Animated Sitcom

  Famke Janssen   Actress, Director, Screenwriter

  Fannie Flagg   Actress, Comedian, Author

  Fanny Ardant   Actress

  Fanny Cadeo   Indian Actress, Model, TV Personality

  Fantasia   Adult Film Star

  Fantasia   Band

  Fantasia Barrino   American R&B Singer and Songwriter; American Idol Season 3 W...

  Farah Fath   American Actress; Played Mimi Lockhart on 'Days of Our Lives...

  Faran Tahir   American Actor; Starred in 'Iron Man' and 'Star Trek'; Born ...

  Farley Granger   American Actor; Starred in 'Alfred Hitchcock: Rope (1948)' a...

  Farrah Fawcett   American Actress, Model, and Artist; 4-time Emmy Award Nomin...

  Farrah Forke   actor

  Fast Eddie Clarke   Guitarist

  Fat March   Television Show on ABC

  Fatboy Slim   Musician

  Fats Domino   R&B and Rock & Roll Pianist Singer

  Fay McKenzie  

  Fay Ripley   Actres: Cold Feet

  Fay Vincent   8th commissioner (MLB)

  Fay Wolf   Singer, Actress

  Fay Wray  

  Faye Dunaway   actress

  Faye Grant  

  Fearne Cotton   Actress

  Federation   Band

  Federico Castelluccio   Artist, Actor, 'The Sopranos'

  Federico Pena  

  Feist   Singer

  Felicia Bell  

  Felicia Farr   Jack Lemmon's widow

  Felicity Barr   British Journalist

  Felicity Huffman   Actress

  Felicity Kendal   Actress

  Felicity Montagu   British Actress

  Felix Heredia   Major League Baseball Player

  Felix Jones   NFL Football Player: Dallas Cowboys

  Felix Neureuther   German Alpine Skier

  Felix Rodriguez   MLB Baseball Player

  Felix Silla  

  Femi Taylor   Actress, Dancer: Star Wars Episode VI

  Fenella Fielding   Actress

  Ferguson Jenkins   Hall of fame pitcher for the Cubs

  Ferlin Husky  

  Fern Britton   British TV Presenter

  Fern Cotton   Presenting

  Fernanda Montenegro   Actress: Belissima

  Fernando Allende  

  Fernando Alonso   Spanish Race Car Driver and Former Formula One Racing Driver...

  Fernando Bryant   American Football Cornerback

  Fernando Collor  

  Fernando Torres   Pro Footballer (soccer player)

  Fernando Valenzuela   Former MLB pitcher

  Ferrante & Teicher  

  Ferras   Singer/ Song writter

  Fess Parker   Actor

  Fiction Plane   Band

  Fidel Castro  

  Field Cate   Actor: Pushing Daisies

  Fifth Dimension  

  Fifth Harmony   Girl Group / Singers / Band

  Filter   Music Group

  Finch   Band

  Finn Kydland   2004 Nobel Prize in Economics

  Finola Hughes   Actress

  Finoula Flangan  

  Fiona Apple   Singer

  Fiona Armstrong   TV Presenter

  Fiona Fullerton   Actress

  Fiona Hutchinson   Actress: One Life to Live

  Fiona Shaw   Actress

  Fionnula Flanagan  

  Fiordaliso   Singer

  Firm, The  

  Fitz Hill   Football Player, Coach

  Five Iron Frenzy   Band

  Flaming Lips, The   Rock Band

  Flamingos, The  

  Flash Cadillac  

  Flea   Musician

  Fleetwood Mac  

  Fleetwoods, The   Musical Trio

  Flip Wilson  

  Flogging Molly   Music Group

  Florence Cabaret   Actress

  Florence Chadwick  

  Florence Henderson   Actress, Singer

  Florence La Rue  

  Florence LaRue  

  Florence Stanley  

  Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck   Academy Award-winning Austro-German director

  Florian Kehrmann   German Handball Player

  Florida Marlins   Pro Baseball Team

  Florida Panthers  

  Floyd Bannister   Former Baseball Player

  Floyd Little   Former NFl player

  Floyd Mayweather   Boxer

  Floyd Patterson   Former heavyweight boxing champion

  Floyd Rayford   Former Baseball Player

  Floyd Wicker   1969 Montreal Expos MLB Player

  Flyleaf   Alternative rock band


  Foo Fighters   Band

  Forbes March  

  Forbes Masson   Actor, Writer

  Ford Rainey  

  Forest Whitaker   Actor

  Forrest Gregg   Football Player

  Fort Minor   Hip Hop Group, formed by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park

  Foster Brooks  

  Four Seasons  

  Four Tops  

  Foxy Brown   rapper

  Fran Drescher   Actress

  Fran Tarkenton   Former Football Player

  France Nuyen  

  Frances Bay  

  Frances Conroy   Actress

  Frances De La Tour   Actress

  Frances Dee  

  Frances Fisher  

  Frances Langford  

  Frances McDormand   Actress

  Frances O'Connor  

  Frances Rafferty  

  Frances Reid   Actress, 'Days Of Our Lives'

  Francesca Annis   British Actress

  Francesca Neri   Italian Actress

  Francesca Simon   Author

  Francesca Tu   Actress

  Francesco Totti   Soccer Player

  Francia Raisa   Actress

  Francine York  

  Francis Benfatto  

  Francis Capra   Actor, Free Willy 2, Kazaam, A Simple Wish, A Bronx Tale, El...

  Francis Crick  

  Francis Drake  

  Francis Ford Coppola   Director, Writer

  Francis Gabreski  

  Francisco Liriano   Baseball Player; for Minnesota Twins

  Francisco Rodriguez   MLB Baseball Player

  Franck Montagny   F1 Driver

  Franco Columbu  

  Franco Nero   Actor

  Franco Pellizotti   Italian Road Bicycle Racer

  Francois Chau   Actor

  Francois Ozon   Director, 'Eight Women'

  Francois Pandolfo   Actor: Doctor Who

  Francoise Hardy   French Singer, Actress, Astrologer

  Francoise Pascal   Actress

  Frank Abagnale, Jr   Former Con-Artist, Financial Security Expert, Author, Actor

  Frank Aletter  

  frank ashmore   v

  Frank Bank   Actor, 'Leave It To Beaver'

  Frank Banks  

  Frank Beard   Member of 'ZZ Top'

  Frank Beddor   Author

  Frank Bielec   Designer, 'Trading Spaces'

  Frank Black   Singer, Songwriter, and Guitarist

  Frank Bonner  

  Frank Bruno   Boxer

  Frank Buckles   The Surviving American

  Frank Cady  

  Frank Caliendo   American Comedian

  Frank Carlucci   Former US Secretary of Defense

  Frank Castillo   Former Baseball Player

  Frank Collison   Actor

  Frank Converse  

  Frank Crosetti  

  Frank De Vol  

  Frank Dicopoulos  

  Frank Dillane   Actor

  Frank DiPino   Former MLB Baseball Player

  Frank Everest  

  Frank Forman  

  Frank Frazetta   Artist

  Frank Garrison   Survivor Contestant

  Frank Gifford   Retired NFL player

  Frank Haith   college basketball coach

  Frank Iero   Guitarist, 'My Chemical Romance'

  Frank Keating   Politician: 25th Governor of Oklahoma

  Frank Lampard   British Football (soccer) Player

  Frank Langella   Actor

  Frank Lary   Yankee Killer as ace Detroit Tiger pitcher

  Frank Malzone   Baseball Player

  Frank Mancuso  

  Frank Miller   Cartoonist, Writer

  Frank Oz   Director, Voice of 'Yoda'

  Frank Pastore   Baseball Player

  Frank Perdue  

  Frank Pierson  

  Frank Seminara   Former Baseball Player

  Frank Sepe  

  Frank Shorter  

  Frank Sinatra Jr.  

  Frank Skinner   Comedian, Actor, TV Presenter

  Frank Spotnitz   Producer: The X Files: I Want to Believe

  Frank Stallone  

  Frank Tanana   Former Baseball Player

  frank tate   Boxer

  Frank Thomas   Pro MLB Baseball Player

  Frank Thornton   British Actor

  Frank Torre  

  Frank Varrichione  

  Frank Vincent   Actor, Musician

  Frank Walker   Footballer

  Frank Welker  

  Frank Whaley   Actor: Vacancy

  Frank Yablans  

  Frank Yankovic  

  Frank Zane  

  Franka Dietzsch   German Discus Thrower

  Franka Potente  

  Frankie Albert  

  Frankie Andreu   Former cyclist for the USPS team and Lance Armstrong

  Frankie Avalon   Actor, Singer

  Frankie Carle  

  Frankie Dettori   Jockey

  Frankie Ford  

  Frankie Laine  

  Frankie Lane  

  Frankie Manning   Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer

  Frankie Muniz  

  Frankie Valli   Singer, Actor

  Franklin Ajaye  

  Franklin Graham   Christian Evangelist, Son Of Billy Graham

  Franky G  

  Frannie Mouser   Actress

  Franz Beckenbauer   Soccer Player

  Franz Ferdinand   Indie Rock Band

  Franz Wacker   Actor

  Frazer Hines   Actor: Doctor Who

  Fred Ahern   Retired NHL Player

  Fred Biletnikoff   Retired NFL player

  Fred Couples  

  Fred Dekker   Writer, Director, Producer

  Fred Dryer   Actor

  Fred Durst   Singer, 'Limp Bizkit'

  Fred Fredericks  

  Fred Funk   PGA Tour Golfer

  Fred Grandy   Actor: Love Boat, Congressman from Iowa

  Fred Hetzel   NBA Player

  fred kipp   Pitcher on 1957 Brooklyn Dodgers

  Fred Lasswell  

  Fred Lewis   Baseball Player

  Fred Lorenzen   Nascar Legend

  Fred Lynn   Former Baseball Player

  Fred McGriff   Retired MLB Baseball player

  Fred Savage   Wonder Years

  Fred Silverman  

  Fred Thompson  

  Fred W. Haise Jr.  

  Fred Wagner  

  Fred Ward  

  Fred Willard   actor/comedian

  Fred Williamson  

  Freda Payne  

  Freddie Francis  

  Freddie Hart   Country Singer

  Freddie Highmore   Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

  Freddie Laker  

  Freddie Prinze Jr.   Actor

  Freddie Storma   Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter and the Half blood prince

  Freddy Adu   Soccer Player

  Freddy Cannon  

  Freddy Fender   Country/Pop Singer

  Freddy Rodriguez   Actor

  Freddy Sanchez   Pro MLB Baseball Player

  Frederic Quiring   French Actor

  Frederica Sagor Maas   Hollywood's Oldest Scriptwriter Born 1900

  Frederica Von Stade   Opera Star

  Frederick Forsyth  

  Frederick Koehler   Actor

  Frederick Pohl  

  Fredric Lehne   Actor

  Fredrik Ljungberg   Soccer Player

  Freema Agyeman   Actress, 'Doctor Who'

  Freida Pinto   Indian Actress; Starred in 'Slumdog Millionaire', 'Rise of t...

  French Stewart   Actor: Stargate

  Fresno Grizzlies   Minor League Baseball team

  Frijid Pink  

  Frisco RoughRiders   Minor League Baseball Team

  Fritz Weaver  

  Fuel   Rock Band

  Fugees, The  

  Fulham Football Club   Football Team

  Fulton Allem   Pro Golfer

  Fuzzy Zoeller   Professional Golfer

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