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  O.J. Anderson  

  O.J. Mayo   Basketball Player; Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA

  Oak Ridge Boys  

  Oakland Athletics   Professional Baseball Team

  Oasis   Music Group

  Octavio Paz  

  October Road Cast   Television Show on ABC

  Oddibe McDowell   Olympic Baseball Player

  Oded Fehr   Actor


  Odette Yustman   Actress, 'October Road'

  OJ Simpson   Former pro NFL football player

  Ok Go   Band

  Oklahoma Redhawks   Minor League Baseball team

  Oksana Baiul   Olympic Figure Skater, Movie Based on Her Career

  Olaf Tufte   Olympic Rower

  Olden Polynice   NBA basketball player

  Oleda Baker  

  Oleg Cassini  

  Olesya Rulin   Actress, 'High School Musical 1 & 2'

  Oleta Adams   Singer

  Olga Korbut   Olympic Gymnast

  Olga Schoberova   Actress

  Olive McFarland   Actress: The Frightened City

  Oliver Clark  

  Oliver James   Actor

  Oliver Kahn   German football (soccer) player

  Oliver North  

  Oliver Phelps   Actor, Harry Potter

  Oliver Platt   Actor

  Oliver Steeds   Presenter: Travel Channel's Mark & Olly: Living with the Tri...

  Oliver Stone  

  Olivia Adriaco   TV Presenter

  Olivia d'Abo   Actress

  Olivia de Havilland   Actress

  Olivia Hallinan   Actress: Sugar Rush

  Olivia Hussey  

  Olivia Munn   Actress, Model, TV Presenter

  Olivia Newton-John   Pop Singer, Songwriter, Actress

  Olivia Thirlby   Actress: Juno

  Olivia Wilde   Actress

  Olivia Williams   Actress, 'Peter Pan', and 'Valiant'

  Olivier Gruner   Actor, BodyBuilder

  Olivier Martinez   actor

  Olympia Dukakis   Actress

  Omaha Royals   Minor League Baseball team

  Omar Epps   Actor: Higher Learning, Love and Basketball

  Omar Sharif  

  Omar Vizquel   Baseball Player

  Omari Hardwick   Actor: The Guardian

  Omarion Grandberry   Singer, Actor

  Omi Vaidya   Actor

  Omid Djalili   Actor: The Mummy

  Omri Katz   Actor

  Ona Grauer   Actress

  Ona Zee  

  One Chance   R&B Vocal Group

  One Life To Live   Soap Opera on ABC

  One Tree Hill Cast   Drama TV Show

  Oprah Winfrey   Talk Show Host

  Oral Roberts  

  Oralee Wachter   Author

  Orange County Choppers   TV Show

  Orel Hershiser   Former Baseball Player

  Orest Kindrachuk   Retired NHL Player

  Orfeh   Singing/ Actress

  Orla Brady   Actress: A Love Divided

  Orlaith McAllister   Big Brother

  Orlando Bloom   Actor, 'Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pea...

  Orlando Brown   Actor

  Orlando Cabrera   Chicago Whitesox Baseball Player: Shortstop

  Orlando Cepeda  

  Orlando Hernandez   Major League Baseball Player

  Orlando Jones  

  Orlando Magic  

  Orlando Scandrick   NFL Football Player: Dallas Cowboys

  ornella muti   Actress

  Ornette Coleman   Jazz Musician

  Orrin Hatch  

  Orson Bean  

  Oscar De La Hoya   Boxer

  Oscar Niemeyer   Brazilian Architect (United Nations headquarters in New York...

  Oscar Nunez   Actor, 'The Office'

  Oscar Robertson   Former Basketball Player

  oshiomogho atogwe   football player

  Osi Umenyiora   Football Player

  Osmonds, The  

  Ossie Davis  

  Otep Shamaya   Singer, Songwriter: Band Otep

  Otis Chandler  

  Otis Nixon   MLB Player

  Ottawa Lynx   Minor League Baseball team

  Ottawa Senators  

  Otto Graham  

  Our Lady Peace  

  Outkast   Hip Hop Group

  Outworld   Band

  Owain Yeoman   Actor: Troy

  Owais Shah   English Cricketer

  Owen Wilson   Actor

  Owiso Odera   Actor

  Ozric tentacles   Instrumental Band

  Ozzie Guillen   Shortstop / Manager

  Ozzie Newsome   Retired NFL player

  Ozzie Smith   MLB Hall of Famer

  Ozzie Virgil   Playing in MLB

  Ozzy Osborne   Musician

  Ozzy Osbourne   'The Osbournes'

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